Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Skies And Home

Blue skies lookin' at me...nothin' but blue skies do I see! The skies of East Tawas, Michigan.

This ol' grammy has been one busy chick these past few days! Unloading the trailer, vacuuming a bucket of sand from it's floors, stripping the beds both from the trailer and the house. The trailer, is once again ready for it's stay in the country. Hunting Season is just around the corner!
Today, I am laundrocizing and repacking our bags...tomorrow Tomer and I leave for my favorite place on the birthplace...Tennessee! I can't wait to feel Mama's arms around my neck and enjoy nice long conversations with my brother Bobby! Life is good!
Our oldest grandbaby Maddy Beth is in Delaware spending time with Aunt Meagan, Uncle Tony and Luca. Yesterday, she texted photo's of the Ocean. She was thrilled to see it for the first time. Papa and I, kept trying to talk her out of going...LOL. But she is an 8th grader after all and growing up way too quickly...sigh.
Em and Xavie are now at war! There is much yelling and flailing about...ugh.
I had best go break it up! Where's that wooden spoon of mine!? LOL.
Catch ya'll later!!!


Felisol said...

Bon voyage, you Southern Belle.
Hope you get to dance at least one Tennessee Waltz!

Debby said...

Oh no Grandma has the wooden spoon. I can't wait to do that!
Have a wonderful trip and be safe.

bj said...

Have yourself a wonderful time. And, when your mama hugs your neck, give her an extra hug for me..I miss my mama so much. :((
Thanks for stopping by..
xo bj

donna said...

Have a great visit at travels.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hope you are (still) enjoying your time with your family in your beloved Tennessee!