Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo's and Stories

Sweet Diane, over at Aunt Di's Experimental Life tagged us to play along on this fun meme. So, I decided to join her in the fun.
1.) Find my 6th photo file;
2.) Choose the 6th photo in the file;
3.) Post and tell story and
4.) Tag 6 friends to carry meme forward.

Here goes...

This is my firstborn Grandbaby...Madison Elizabeth. She is, as I've said, a doer of all things! She loves people and has a soft heart and MANY friends. This gal made straight A's all year and the Principal's list every semester. In celebration of their hard work, she and others on the list, enjoyed lunch with the Principal on Monday. Most importantly...she loves Jesus and isn't shy about telling others. She makes this ol' grammy so happy! (6th grader 6th vertical photo of 6th file)

This would be Ian Thomas, (named after Tomer) my firstborn Grandson! Never having a boy, he has brought unexpected joys to our lives. Like, having Papa take off his training wheels and at the age of 3 riding that bike with NO fear!!! He loves long bike rides with Papa...I'm talking 15 miles and he just turned 9 years old! Skateboarding, Swimming, Baseball and boundless energy. He is shy but soft hearted. And loves his baby brother Elek so much...he ends up ticking Elek off! He also loves Jesus and is active in church. What a Godly man he's growing up to be!!! (6th horizontal photo)

I'm supposed to tag 6 others to play along...but I will leave it up to you. Come on, everybody let's see those photo's and hear your stories.'re it!!!

Love to All!


Trish said...

Help...I don't know where the gobbly goo above Maddy's photo, came from or how to get rid of it???

Keetha Broyles said...

Go to the "edit" box for this post in dashboard. See if it shows up there, and delete the gobbly goo - - - I bet you copied the html for the photo and pasted ALL of it into the post section instead of the html section.


I just gave you an award over at my blog, just because I LOVE coming here to visit you - - - ABSOLUTELY no strings attached!!!

Pat said...

Sweet photos of sweet kids! They are growing so fast, it seems like they were just born. So much to be proud of and thankful for. I love them to pieces!

Diane said...

Trish, thanks so much for participating! I love the pics of your grandbabies! Gosh, they grow up so fast, don't they?! I'm so thankful they love Jesus. It is so encouraging in this world to hear of good, Godly kids who are trying to make a difference. Great post!

Many hugs...........


Samantha said...

Playing along with you and Diane !
Love the grands, just precious.
Blessings to you dear friend.

Terry said...

oh boy trish...i thought madison was a cute kid but wow! she is down right pretty.
without her glasses on, does she ever look like her grammy!
and that ian, well he is a charmer and i pray that he will always be on fire for the lord.
we need godly young people like that in the church and in this sad terry