Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Projects

Here it is Friday and I just realized, that I haven't left this house since Tuesday morning.  No, it is not because of the Arctic blast that covers us... But because, I have had no Grandbabies to shuttle back and forth to school, since my sweet son-in-law David, who works as a carpenter/builder is laid off.  It is, just too cold for them to do any outdoor projects.  So, that leaves me with more time to get some big jobs done around here.
Tuesday, I spent all morning in our bedroom purging and organizing closets, cleaning mirrors and polishing every inch of the furniture.  Oh, and everything that I had stored under our bed...has finally left the building!  I figure, if I haven't touched those bins of stuff, then they are of no use...except to collect dust and cause me stress when I have to dust mop under there.  Never again, I tell ya'!
Tomer, is happily working in our bathroom.  With all of these school cancellations he needed something to do!  So, on Saturday he started removing the wallpaper and border. Then, on Monday he started patching the drywall.  Let me just say, that there is nothing worse than dry wall dust! The first two days...I went in there and vacuumed every corner of that place...then scrubbed down the vanity and sinks, when he was finished for the day.  But, let me just say that got old, right quick and I just gave it a lick and a promise after that!
Today, the painting has commenced.  This, will take a while since he is priming the walls first, because we have decided...NO more wallpaper for us.  This place, will be in a bit disarray for about a week because as you all know with every re-do comes more work than originally planned.  Yep, we decided that while we are at it, we might as well get rid of the fluorescent lighting and get something I like. Yippee!
Well, we are blessed that Elek spent the night and he says he needs lunch...So, I am signing off to go feed our boy.  Updates on the re-do will continue...
~Blessings All


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go on packing things up. I just did a few things to make room for a safe in our closet and it felt so good. I sure do waste my life on this computer each day. Send me some of your motivation please :) Painting is also a project we need to do. Been here 7 years and the walls are still white!!! Love all the things you are doing. Enjoy your time with Elek.

Sandy said...

I just love it when my husband and I start a new DIY project. We have several things we need to start on soon. I look forward to seeing what you do.
Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Margie said...

<3 i love you aunt pat!

I never have been a wallpaper kind of gal!

Mrs. Mac said...

Winter is a great time to purge clutter and re-vamp. Can't wait to see pictures.

donna said...

Wallpaper...ugghh. The stuff is a nightmare when it's from ceiling to floor to every room. Had my share of nightmares! Hope you are staying warm.

Pat said...

Progress pictures of the bathroom, please!
Do you need me to come over there and be project manager like you were for me?
Love you Sissy!