Monday, January 27, 2014

Waiting, Waiting And Waiting Some More

This morning, I decided to head out to the Mart to pick up a gallon of paint, after finally choosing a color from the swatches that I brought home last week.  Tomer has all walls patched and primed ...Yippee!
What I expected to be a quick trip...had me gone for almost two hours!  I first, picked up a couple of items that I needed and made my way to the paint department...not a soul in sight. I strolled the aisles looking for someone.  Hallelujah, I finally find someone and she kindly called for help.  Soon, a nice man from another department comes to my rescue.
I hand him my chosen sample and he grabs the light base off the shelf and as he types in the formula... the machine says that it must be purged first.  Okay,  he cleans it and empties the is now purged. Onward we go, or so we the machine is telling him that some of the tints are low.  Sigh...As he starts checking out the tints, he discovers that every single one of the tints are about empty.  Poor guy is apologizing but it is surely not his fault.  He says that this is supposed to be done... every night.  Hmmm...someone hasn't done their job.
To make a long story short...I stood there, well over an hour... for one gallon of paint!  When I was finally handed my paint...He thanked me for my patience and apologized once again.  And in return, I thanked him for being such a conscientious worker and doing a great job.
We, he and I... could have murmured and complained but instead, we chatted and laughed and made the most of a bad situation.  Thank you Lord. ...I got my paint and Tomer has been informed that school is cancelled for tomorrow, that will give him the whole day to maybe finish up.
The bathroom re-do continues...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Projects

Here it is Friday and I just realized, that I haven't left this house since Tuesday morning.  No, it is not because of the Arctic blast that covers us... But because, I have had no Grandbabies to shuttle back and forth to school, since my sweet son-in-law David, who works as a carpenter/builder is laid off.  It is, just too cold for them to do any outdoor projects.  So, that leaves me with more time to get some big jobs done around here.
Tuesday, I spent all morning in our bedroom purging and organizing closets, cleaning mirrors and polishing every inch of the furniture.  Oh, and everything that I had stored under our bed...has finally left the building!  I figure, if I haven't touched those bins of stuff, then they are of no use...except to collect dust and cause me stress when I have to dust mop under there.  Never again, I tell ya'!
Tomer, is happily working in our bathroom.  With all of these school cancellations he needed something to do!  So, on Saturday he started removing the wallpaper and border. Then, on Monday he started patching the drywall.  Let me just say, that there is nothing worse than dry wall dust! The first two days...I went in there and vacuumed every corner of that place...then scrubbed down the vanity and sinks, when he was finished for the day.  But, let me just say that got old, right quick and I just gave it a lick and a promise after that!
Today, the painting has commenced.  This, will take a while since he is priming the walls first, because we have decided...NO more wallpaper for us.  This place, will be in a bit disarray for about a week because as you all know with every re-do comes more work than originally planned.  Yep, we decided that while we are at it, we might as well get rid of the fluorescent lighting and get something I like. Yippee!
Well, we are blessed that Elek spent the night and he says he needs lunch...So, I am signing off to go feed our boy.  Updates on the re-do will continue...
~Blessings All

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Belly Boy

This sweet man Elek, AKA Belly Boy, is spending the night with his Gram and Papa.  After announcing to his Mom this morning, that he needed to come for a visit...he stayed, when they headed home.  He, is a game freak and we limit his time on the computer or he would happily sit here all day.  So, I call time outs and haul out the rectangle bin, (as he calls it) full of his favorite toys.
He plays nicely by himself...when his older siblings aren't here to aggravate him.  So, it has been a good day...A day of snuggles, kisses, turning off lights and turning off lights!  I should start calling him Trace because he enjoys, "every light in the house on."   LOL.
Supper was our favorite pizza, which Tom picked up on his snowy, slippery drive home from work.  He (Tomer) just came in from clearing the walks and driveway.  So, I am going to get off here and give our Grandboy a bath and get him  ready  for bed...I am already in my PJ's...Yippee.
Have a blessed and peaceful evening...we are, our boy is here.  We are blessed.