Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here in The Real World

i don't care Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and Hi5 Comment Graphics

I am so tired of what appears on my homepage from Comcast...I would love to open up the internet and find something of substance!
Lets see...today's big news is "Teresa Giudice fires back!" My first thought "who the in the world is she and why do I care?" Oh after reading further, she happens to be one of the Real Houswives of Jersey Shores...big woo! I myself do not find these shows entertaining. Most Reality shows, to me....are junk. But that's just me and what do I know?
Next came...Kate Winslett's sexy photo shoot. And Johnny Depp comparing photo shoots to rape. I'd have to agree with Johnny, if they are to be sexy and clothesless.
Now, on to...the Leonardo Dicaprio and Lively split...I just don't care. Life goes on and most of these, so called stars change partners like they change clothing.
Lastly, Infomercial King found dead. Hmmm...if he was King why have I not heard of him??? I am sorry that he passed in such a sad way though...suicide is so devastating...sigh.
I have said all of this, to tell you, that in the big scheme of things...this stuff doesn't matter. What matters, is the relationship we have with others. Are we pouring something good into a life? Are we loving our families? Are we serving God with our whole heart?
I want to see and hear uplifting stories and life changing events. God is good and wants only the best for us...He loves us. This is real...
I don't care about anything else.


Debby@Just Breathe said...


Margie said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! loveyou!

Sandy said...

I have to agree. I've never
quite understood the crazy
fascination people have with
celebrities. They're just
humans like the rest of us--
just more money, less morals.
Go figure.

Becky said...

hear ya! hugs to you!

Crown of Beauty said...

Yes, you are so right, Trish... and I agree with everything you wrote here. All I want to know is how my loved ones - family and friends are doing... and all I want to be is to be a channel of blessing to others, in words, thoughts, and deeds!

Love to you,

Felisol said...

I so agree. The reality shows are pure speculation, intrigues and sex. I detest them, and will not give them my precious time.
Neither am I interested in celebrities.
My family, friends, the church and some hobbies, exhibitions and concerts fill my cup till it's flowing over.

I'm also very grateful for my Scarf Sisters. Somehow they're always there when I need a prayer, some with equal values to discuss with, and I even get my horizon broadened by learning to know real people from various countries and states. I love it & I love you Trish.
from felisol

Anonymous said...

I so agree! I rarely if ever watch TV. Here in Japan it's easier not to watch because I don't understand it anyways. I rarely ever watched it in Saipan either. Just junk to me. I was always to busy with the kids and such to watch TV! If I have spare time I'd rather occupy my mind with a good book or some sort of craft or ...hiking!