Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Long July...Here Comes August

Tomer, performing his daily routines in the garden.

July has been a very busy month! Between Softball Games, a Tiger game, Graduation and Birthday Parties, Dr.'s appointments, tests, annual eye exam, a trip to Red Cross and sadly, more than one Funeral, It seems that I have pushed the fast forward button on July!

Side gate.

Tomer and Xavier aka Scooter, have ridden off on their bikes and are headed to the bank. So, after making the bed, feeding them breakfast, making a fresh brewed pitcher of sweet tea and starting my laundrocizing. I, am taking full advantage of my time alone! I, am going to sit right here on the back porch and jot down a few lines. Woo...It is a hot and muggy morning. Another day with 90' temps but the rains are supposed to come through later and cool things down a me some rain!

Love this plant...can't remember it's name though.

So, with August but a few days away, things should slow down a wee bit. Maybe, just long enough to get the painting done and the floors refinished before vacation starts. For now, I will stay put, enjoy the quiet, the bees and butterflies roaming about and keep my eyes open for our resident hummingbird, who shows up most mornings and evenings to hover and flit around our bee balm plants. (also called Minarda by some) There's NO need for a feeder which never seemed to work anyways!
Ooh, the boys are back! No more quiet for this ol' grammy...Catch ya'll later.

God is good...all the time!


Sandy said...

I think it's hot everywhere
right now! We've been having
temps in the 90's and that's
not the norm for us.
Your flowers are just lovely.

Just Breathe said...

Time moves too quickly.....glad you had a moment of peace today.
Your garden is absolutely beautiful. May August bring you quiet times of happiness.

Pat said...

No one can flower up a yard like Tom!
I love the makes me be still and sometimes I need that.
We still need to have that Hillbilly Fest sissy!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Trish
I dropped by your place just to see how things have been with you.

Read up a bit too by scrolling down.

Lovely posts, dear Trish.

I love the flowers in your garden.

Yes, August show slow you down a bit.

Enjoyed my visit here today.

Just wanted to catch up and say hi.


Margie said...

LOVE the yard, I think I'll sneak over and relax in it myself!!