Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis The Season

Today starts our Christmas vacation. Tomer is making his bus run, dropping off precious cargo for the last time this year. The kids, will be excited after their celebrations at school and looking forward to the days at home where they will anxiously await Christmas Day!
My Grandbabies got out of school yesterday. So, I had the day to get my house scrubbed, do some laundry and put on a pot of Enchilada Soup. It has been a busy week of Christmas Programs at both Church and School. A Leadership get together with our Pastor and their lovely wives. Tomorrow, Tomer and I will work the Matinee performance of our Church program. He cruising the parking lot and I whipping up Hot Chocolate, Latte's, Coffee and Chai Tea in our cafe... Heavenly Grounds.
Come Monday, I will be on my own. Tomer is going Hunting one last time. I will do some baking and wrapping. Watch a movie or two or three and enjoy my alone time.
The day after Christmas we will head South to visit Mama and Bobby. She, is all settled in at the Nursing home and started some physical therapy. I am, so thankful, for my sweet brother who makes sure that she has all that she needs. Well, it's time to go put in another load of laundry and finish up Supper. Have a Blessed, Peaceful evening.

Love to All!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
People like you makes the world go around.
I'll just do this and then I'll just do that.
I am getting exhausted just by reading.
Exhausted and glad.
Except for all you voluntary work, I think we share the same joys and wishes for Christmas.
I'm wishing you and your big family all well.
from Felisol

Louise said...

Blessings to you & Tom my friend. May your trip to TN be a safe and happy one.

Becky said...

Hey trish-dropping in to say HI! off to start he day!

Pat said...

Hal just left for Bronson too!
Praying for your Mom, I'm glad she is doing better, and that precious brother of yours...Lord bless him!
Enchilada soup sounds perfect for our little snowy day! Think I need to make some soup too!

Just Breathe said...

We went to Disneyland on Friday.
I hope to bake all week until Christmas Eve. Everything else is done. I can't wait, I am so excited for Christmas Eve at a local church and then Christmas Day.

Have a beautiful Christmas filled with blessing.