Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Path Well Taken

Tonight, as I made my way home from Tuesday night's coffee and gabfest. The road, I traveled was brightly lit with Christmas lights and decorations. Oh, what joy I felt as I journeyed home on this path I have taken thousands of times. It is where I grew up. Familiar...oh my, yes! But I love familiar and am not one for change. I have no desire to travel the world or live anywhere else. This is where I started going with my Tomer 43 years ago next month...where I raised my girls and now, enjoy my Grandbabies.
Where, I carry on family traditions. Where, I love my family, serve the Lord and try to treat others kindly, like Daddy always taught us. Oh, how I miss him tonight, for I traveled this same path with him, many times growing up.
So, as I prepare my home for Christmas...I am thankful for this path my life has taken and for a Mama and Daddy who showed me the way...they were the road map of life and this life, has been a journey that I shall cherish always.

Love to all!


Margie said...

your love is an inspiration!

Just Breathe said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing your heart.

Pat said...

I too like a familiar path, I don't need a lot of change. Part of that just may be my age, but whatever the reason,there is security in following a well worn trail.
You honor your parents so beautiful in the life you live every day...they taught you well.

Felisol said...

I agree, the values passed on to us through generations are well worth preserving.
We sang a song in Sunday School: "Light up the corner where you live."
I think that about says it for me.
And I'm so looking forward to real Christmas celebration.
From felisol

Rebecca said...

Your "neighborhood" sounds so beautiful. There IS no place like home. I see you have the same background I have chosen :)

Constance said...

I like it both ways, familiar and unfamiliar! With Dave's job we have had to move around a bit, Christmas' spent in Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and now Texas for the past 16+ years! Home is whre my heart is and anywhere Dave is, I am content!

Once, 3 months after we got married, I was driving from Nebraska back to Missouri with Jennifer & Jessica. It was VERY early in the morning, 4:30-ish and I thought of Dave at home sleeping all warm in our bed. I knew at that moment, wherever he was, that was my home!

"It's beginning to look like Christmas!"