Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chores & Decorations

It's finally looking like Christmas in our house. No tree, as yet, but after I do some cleaning I will work on getting it up and at least, getting the lights on it! (I hope)
Could have worked on it last night but Tomer and I had a Date Night...we went to the Movies to see The Blind Side. It is an awesome flick and I recommend it highly. It is sad, funny, but mostly inspiring. Tomer and I came out of there asking ourselves, as Christians could we have done this??? What a family! Go see it!
Tonight, I have my first Christmas celebration...going to dinner with Mariann and her Barrista's from our Church Cafe. Tomer will be eating last nights leftovers after putting up Christmas lights and decorations outside.
Well, I had best get a move on if I am to get the bathroom scrubbed and my list of chores finished before getting beautified...have to be at the church by 5:00.
Have a blessed peaceful weekend!

Love to All!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
It seems you are making the right choices.
The tree will be in place in due time.
Togetherness and social gatherings cannot wait.
Have a blessed Sunday.
From Felisol

Pat said...

This year, it seems like my motto is "slowly but surely". It will all get done in good time. I'm determined not to be overwhelmed!
Have fun with your fellow barristas...enjoy the fellowship!!

Just Breathe said...

I'm working on mine today. Your mantel looks beautiful.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog via the Traveling Scarf Sisters!