Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Quickly Things Change

Well, the best laid plans are always subject to change. Wednesday morning I had my to do list ready, I didn't want to forget a thing. Just let me say that by lunch time things were about to change...Tomer was in severe pain and because of our experience with Kell we were all but sure he was trying to pass a kidney stone!!! I convinced him to head for the E.R., the poor guy had to drive himself because I had Grandbabies to care for...sigh. He called a while later with the news that they were admitting him because the stone was too large for him to pass on its own. (just like Kell)
The above photo is how we spent Christmas Eve...our family tradition of Hungarian Goulash and opening gifts were not to be. Instead we waited all day for Tomer to be taken to surgery and because of the holiday he kept getting dropped to the bottom of the list because it was not life threatening.
So, finally at 7:00 p.m. off he went and I was left, the lone soul in the surgical family waiting room. I am thankful for the wonderful Dr. that performed Tomer's surgery...he explained every little detail to me and had every order and scrip written for Tomer to go home first thing Christmas morning. So, I checked on my man, held his hand a bit and with a kiss he sent me on my way because it was way after dark.

Christmas morning I picked Tomer up by 9:00. No, white Christmas it was pouring rain! We turned on Christmas music, sipped coffee and ate Kalach a Hungarian pastry that is a Tradition around here. I had the dough rising on Wednesday when he went to the hospital so it didn't get baked until about 1:30 Christmas Eve morning.
But, I was determined to do what I had to for our family Christmas. And it was perfect because we were together and well, that's all that really matters.

God is faithful...I praise Him for health and strength. I praise Him for joy and comfort...I praise Him for His goodness and mercy...I praise Him for for life everlasting...I praise Him for His Son Jesus for I was lost and now am found...Jesus changes everything!

Love to All


Just Breathe said...

The best layed plans....... I am so glad that he is well.

Samantha said...

So glad he is well, praise God !!

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
I'm so glad it all ended well.
In times like this one get confirmed what really matters in life.
I praise the Lord that you got your precious Tomer home for Christmas.

From felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice to see things are getting back to normal. This will be a Christmas you will all remember, eh? Give your dear hubby my best wishes.


Margie said...

so glad things got back to normal!!

Terry said...

dear know what? this is such a touching christmas story and i am sure that you will look back to the memory of it for years to come.
you will even know more how god was with you the whole time tomar will never ever forget the love of his woman standing by the whole time, never forget her holding his hand and will remember always the christmas dinner albeit a bit late,
yet so traditional and delicious!
love terry