Monday, August 17, 2009

Tending God's Garden

Rainy San Francisco...Thomas Hawk's Digital Photoblog

They...the weathermen, are calling for rain. Doesn't mean that we will get any because it seems that most storms pass North of here. We could surely use it though, for it has been hot and muggy this past week. The sun intense and quickly wilting the plants if not frequently tended to.
So, our Spiritual Lives if we fail to give them proper attention. Tending to them by Praying, reading God's Word and being bathed by the Holy Spirit. Oh, physically we would survive spiritual drought...unlike plants that would surely die. But like those plants, we will wither up and become ugly versions of ourselves. When waiting on the One who created us makes all things beautiful.
We are God's garden and with roots firmly planted...we should bring forth fruit. Are you blooming where you are planted? Or are you just a thorny vine?

Love to all!


Samantha said...

What a beautiful post Trish !
We must tend to our spiritual gardens.
Yes, taking a little blogging break getting started on homeschooling, busy busy !
Love you, praying you have a wonderful week.

Pat said...

Great post. You can almost feel yourself becoming withered and an ugly verson of yourself when you neglect your spiritual life. Been there done's not pretty, even for just a moment.

Margie said...

wow! great post!