Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lord Help Us

This was posted on my Facebook this morning by my cousin Wendy...Lord, right now I feel anguish for this world. Signs of your coming everywhere. The Government takeovers leading to the mark of the beast...God, forgive me. Help me to hit my knees in anguish over those who are fooled by a sense of Christianity that asks nothing of them...Help us Lord?


Samantha said...

Yes, dear Lord please help us.
We must pray without ceasing !

Felisol said...

We just yesterday talked about it, hubby and I.
How soon till he returns?
Sometimes I feel tired, wish He'd come soon.
Do I feel anguish, do I go out on the streets or cry it from the mountain?
I'm afraid, no.

A mighty preacher for decades, David Wilkerson.
He touches the heart.
From felisol