Friday, August 28, 2009

Anticipation...Is Making Me Wait

I had a very busy day yesterday and am happy to be home and settled in for today. It's been cool and rainy and is cool again today, but the sun is finally showing itself. I pulled my lap quilt from the closet and am sipping a nice cup of is good.
I left the house yesterday morning and headed off for my Mammogram/Ultra Sound. Yippee! It wasn't bad and I pray that I am finished for another year.
After that we did the grocery shopping, which we dreaded. But, for a Friday afternoon, it wasn't too crowded. Hallelujah! We actually got through in a jiffy and what a pleasant young man took care of us as we checked out! Ran home, got everything organized and put away. Then it was on to Gander Mountain for a new Quiver (holds arrows) for my Tomer...who is in Bronson today with our Son-in-law and 3 of the Grandbabies. I have the day to myself. Could do anything I like but am not feeling well. So, all that's been accomplished is the scrubbing of the bathroom and some laundry.
Back to yesterday...we ended the day by eating at Burger King, stopping to rent a couple of movies and then our final stop was JoAnn Fabric. Tomer needed a zipper for his Camo Parka and that is the only reason he went along! I browsed the aisles and Ooh, they have out all of the Fall Decor!!! Now, I find myself anxiously awaiting the day that I can haul up all of my storage bins and bring Autumn to my home...Mums, wreaths, pumpkins, scarecrows, indian corn, candles, garlands of leaves, etc., etc.! And of course, I didn't get out of there without making a purchase. I bought myself a new wall hanging for the bathroom...doesn't take much to make this ol' gal happy! Don't you just love the colors of Autumn? So bright and cheery! Well, enough of my rambling.
Pray all is well!
Love to All!
This song has been running around my mind...hence my title!


Just Breathe said...

Hope your feeling better. I love summer, I hate to see it leave. I always seem to think that Christmas will be here too soon. You made me realize that Fall is coming and I do love the pumpkins, leaves and the scents of Fall.
Just smell the scented candles in the air!

Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well...I pray you'll be better soon!
I just had my Mammogram too, it's such a relief to get the notice back the every thing is A-OK!
I went to Jo-Ann's too, and I also loved all the fall displays. I also browsed through the art and want all new artwork! Love that store!
Next time you don't feel so well, don't scrub your bathroom....wait till it gets dirty!

Samantha said...

Sweet Trish,
Hope you are feeling much better.
I am also so anxiously awaiting the beautiful colors and weather of fall !
~ Hugs and love to you, have a blessed Monday.

Terry said...

such a nice song trish!
usually i don't listen to lady singers...but wow this girl has such a great and full of beat voice.
i see that she really means what she sings too!
i am sorry to hear that you weren't feeling too well, but i never even knew.
you must be feeling better judging by all the stuff you were doing in the next post.
i like fall too trish...just wish it would last longer but mrs. mac is already promising us an early winter...she wants some comforting cold and freezing winds for her hot flashes...not a pretty sight! ha! terry