Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Monday

Monday mornings usually find me happily doing household chores. Today I found that baking soda is the best cleaner that I have ever used on my stainless steel shines. And Murphy's Oil Soap on the cabinets, desks and wash stand...can't beat it, plus I just love the fresh smell it leaves behind. I also cleaned the windows in the living room and kitchen and Tomer took down the blinds, scrubbed them and hung them out back to dry in the sun. Tomorrow, we will tackle the bedroom windows and blinds.
Since the cooler weather has seemed to settle in and the days are getting shorter. I am now looking inside my home and preparing for winter projects. More painting and maybe a little re-do in the living room. Nothing elaborate but a change of color would certainly be nice. Recovering the throw pillows and new curtains are thoughts but not an absolute.
I could go on and on. I reckon, because I was blessed to be a housewife and stay at home Mama, this place has always been the center of my life.
"Taking care of what you have, keeping things neat and tidy" Daddy said "honors the Lord." And I feel, it shows gratitude for the things that He has blessed me with. Certainly much more than I have ever deserved. Not as much as some...but everything I need. I have never known hunger or lacked anything. God has blessed me, given me a husband who takes care of us all. And Daughters and their families to share our days with. As the years of my life go quickly by, I am thankful for everyday, every chore accomplished...and for love...for surely the greatest of these is love.

Love to all!


Just Breathe said...

So I have company coming on Thursday and they are staying for six nights, would you mind coming over and doing some cleaning for me. PLEASE!

Keetha Broyles said...

I tell you what, when you've got all the tricks and techniques all down pat - - - I have a house that would be AMPLE experimentation for you to try them all out!!!!


Constance said...

After cleaning for others it's difficult to come home and clean my own house! Oh sure I do the basics but I have my Fall cleaning staring me ion the face. Things got put on hold b/c of the "ant situation" in my closet the other day! I had to rewash perfectly clean clothes and empty out a section of my closet and I had my quarterly moved from 9/18 to this afternoon. I will begin my Fall decorating tomorrow instead of today. Dave is heading to California this month so I have decided to do some painting while he's gone. I don't like starting those projects when he's around. It's not cool outside but in keeping with Fall, I made a huge pot of Chili yesterday and so we'll have it once again today. Good thing since I have t put my closet back together after my bug guy leaves!

Samantha said...

Such a beautiful post, sweet Trish ! Yes, the greatest of all Love.
I also enjoy using Murpheys oil soap on my cabinets, that fresh smell and new look it gives.
I need to get started on some
fall projects.
~ Hugs and love to you my dear friend !

byhisgracealone said...

I use baking soda on pans, stove tops, sinks, teeth....vinegar in my doesnt make the clothes smell...people think it might, but it doesnt...softners gunk up the clothes...wear out the threads...anyways...I am like you..happy to be in my beautiful God provided home...just for me and mine though all are welcome!

blessings to you

Terry said...

dear trish...thank you for your kind visit to my blog.
you never give up on me.
it has been so long that i have come here!
i am feeling so good today.
last night in the wee hours of the morning, my back and almost every bone in my body was hurting and so i sos ed my felisol to pray for me and like i told her this morning i lay down and it just felt like a warm blanket was on my back and it took away my pain, and it is still lasting!
i know that it is the power of prayer because for the last few weeks, i have had this pain.
now with it out of the way, i can get caught up with my sisters!
trish, there is not a happier life for a woman than to be a keeper of the home.
one time billy graham said at one of his crusades that wives and mothers never get the gratitude they deserve ant the whole audience, when they heard this gave the women a standing ovation!
how cool was THAT, eh?

trish, i just wish that you and tomer could have a vacation in tennesse...i really do.
you NEED to see your roots again.
it is such a great thing and such a warm remembory really is and then you could take some pictures and post them just like our diane did!
well god bless you and i just love the banner at the top of your blog.
after all his banner over us his love and forgiveness, so why can't we be spreading it, eh? terry

KayMac said...

ok, i just learned about baking soda from someone else...i am gonna try it!

Pat said...

I love that piture, and I also love the fifties when being a homemaker was the norm, not the unusual. I can't think of a job I could love more...or be more blessed to have.
Love ya!

Mrs. Mac said...

Love the aprons in the pictures Trish. You know the old saying .. 'the hand that rocks the cradle .. rules the world' or something similar .. Of course, Jesus rules the world .. but right behind him are the moms that tenderly care for their families nurturing them in His ways to grow up and become responsible adults. I discovered baking soda a few years ago to be a great cleaner. When I'm out of shampoo .. and sometimes just instead of using shampoo .. I wash my hair with a little bar of my home made bath soap .. then sprinkle on some baking powder and give my head a good scrub .. rinse and followed by a little splash of diluted vinegar and water .. what shine! It's great for cleaning the toilet bowl too. Add a few drops of Murphy's oil soap to your plant water and watch them grow. I used to dump my bucket of floor water that had MOS in it and the plants outside bloomed non stop.

Life is good! said...

sounds like spring cleaning around your house! my windows need a good cleaning inside and out! maybe i will go and do that or not!