Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A True Hero

As I have listened these past 2 weeks to all of the homage, that this man, Michael Jackson has received. I must admit I have found some of it quite absurd...Yes, he was a talented man. But he was no hero...he was a song and dance man, with God given talents. Maybe, he sacrificed his freedom for fame and fortune. Sadly, that was his choice...but he was no hero.

There are many heroes who serve this Country with honor today. Their sacrifices are not proclaimed over Breaking News reports...Yet, they give unselfishly. No homage is paid to them...the ones who fight to keep our freedoms in this land that they love.
I would like to pay homage today to a soldier. His Dad is an RN at the Red Cross Center where I donate. He has done my medical evaluations more than once. Such a kind, soft spoken man...he is my favorite. I am always happy to hear him call on me.
Last year, someone had asked about his son and he proudly told us, that his son was in the military, serving in Iraq. I hadn't seen him since that day but when I went a couple weeks ago, he was there and I was blessed to have him care for me.
I noticed that he was wearing what looked like a P.O.W. bracelet (remember them back during the Viet Nam War?) So, I asked about it ...he explained that his son had been wounded in Iraq and he had them made, in his honor. So, as we were finishing up, I asked about his son. "How is he doing now?" He explained that his son would be retired out next month because he had suffered a head injury.
When I expressed my gratitude and pride for the sacrifice of his son. He choked up, trying to thank me. I then asked his son's name so that I could pray for him. When he finally spoke, he said that his name is Dominic.
This has touched my soul...I pray for Dominic and his Dad. And I know that God controls those who cross our paths. Some leave profound impressions, they change the way you look at life. Am I better for knowing this man? Oh, my yes! There are many more Dominic's out there. And we will never, hear of their trials. Their deaths, mean nothing except to the ones who loved them and had to let them go. They are unsung heroes...they fight for our freedoms, they stand for honor, courage and sacrifice. Please take time to pray for Dominic...he is a true hero.

Love to All


Keetha Broyles said...

Not only was he (Michael Jackson) "only" a song and dance man as you so aptly pointed out - - - but he was repeatedly accused of being a PEDIPHILE for Pete's sake!!! now I know he was never convicted, but how many families did he buy off? He admitted to having young boys over to spend the night, AND his home was a child's playland - - - NONE of that is normal for an adult UNLESS that adult IS a pediphile.

I am married to a man who was mjolested - - - we know how to recognize the RED FLAGS of pediphilia - - - and Michael had WAY MORE THAN HIS SHARE of those.

All this lauding of him is making me gag and puke.

Then, what about Farah Fawcett? She died the same day, and once Michael died - - - her death was never mentioned again.

I'm with you - - - lets find a REAL hero to laud and honor.

Louise said...

Oh Trish, please consider sending this to the local newspaper's editorial dept! What you're written needs to read by others whether they agree or not; and Dominic and his father need to be recognized for what they're doing in service to our country.
Beautiful writing my friend.

Pat said...

You have so beautifully put into proper perspective what the media has contorted. I agree with Louise, you should email this to the Heritage news. I for one would like to see if they are fair enough to print your opinion.

Samantha said...

I totally agree !! What is our country turning to, it is so truly sad. I will pray for Dominic as I do the many unselfish, giving soldiers who receive so little recognition for their daily courage and sacrifice. God bless this sweet man and his son.

Diane said...

Let me just say I agree with Louise, Pat and Samantha. Your touching post should be exposed to as many viewers as is possible. Dominic and his family should receive the proper laud and attention for their sacrifice.

I also agree with Keetha. MJ had talent, talent given him by a Loving Creaator God whom he so blatantly mocked in so many ways throughout his adult life. Without that talent he would have been nothing more than one more mixed up black kid and we could have all been spared the spectacle of this 'hero worship' that has taken place since his death.

Your writing is beautiful Trish. Thank you for telling Dominic's story. I will be praying for both he and his precious family.

Many hugs...........


Constance said...

I have very strong feelings about this subject! (shocker right?) I think MJ was JUST a man! He mattered to those that loved him but his death is no more tragic than the everyday ones we read about in our own hometowns. I feel he exercised poor judgment in many cases! Even giving him the benefit of the doubt on his pedophilia accusations, he should have had some accountability in his life, people who weren't afraid to point out the obvious! I actually have been mulling around a post in my head on "Who inspires you"? Is it some famous celebrity overcoming cancer or someone that the world has never heard of? Your RN and his family are REAL heroes who inspire! My cousin Kevin is back in IRAQ after serving his tour of duty. he retired from the ARMY and is now a civilian contractor working with the IRAQI Government.

Margie said...

I am in awe of Dominic and his father. What a great post! Thanks Aunt Pat for posting about a TRUE hero!

Mrs. Mac said...

I have goose bumps and am praying for Dominic and his father. Thank you for sharing this touching post.

Constance said...

Thought I'd answer your question about TORPEDOES here. Our son in law Steven is Hispanic (bet you couldn't have guessed that from the pictures huh?). He takes Jalepeno Peppers and cuts them in half, cleans them out and then fills them with a cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese and spice combination, covers it with a piece of chicken breast, wraps them in thick bacon, secures them with a toothpick and cooks them out on the grill. When they're almost done he slathers them in BBQ sauce. they are AMAZING!