Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trish's Thursday Thoughts

Quilt made by my sweet Granny Musser

1. After reading in the Book of Mark this morning, I realize that I, as a Christian, need to be politically minded and AWARE of events going on in this nation. In the 13th chapter of Mark, Jesus warns (words in red) about false prophets who deceive, even the elect. Hmm...But take heed, He has told us and pray! We see wars and rumors of not be afraid! Brother will betray brother, and a Father his child. Children will rise against parents! Do you see it? Watch therefore, lest when He comes He finds us sleeping! So, I watch Fox News Network, I am ready Lord...I am NOT sleeping!

2. I realize that my political posts are never popular, don't get many comments. But, life isn't just pie in the sky and not everyone has a bowl of cherries, to make that pie. I am and always will be informed...if the Lord lays things on my heart then you will find them here. I do not mean to be offensive, never would I, intentionally do that. BUT Jesus, offended some, who didn't like His message. And I am certainly not Jesus, just His servant...I need His strength to stand...we all do!

3. Lets see, today marks a new day in American History...The BEER SUMMIT. Such Class. Yes, our President is getting together for Brewskies with his pal Prof. Gates and Police Officer Crowley (whom he referred to as stupid) and more or less played the race card
when he opened his mouth to matters that do not concern him. Does this lowly gesture make amends for the things he said? Oh, and they won't even be drinking American beer.

4.National Health Care...thankfully the Democrat's didn't railroad this policy through like they did the Stimulus Package. Their August 1st deadline is not going to happen. And there are now more citizens against this Bill than for it! I pray that while our lofty politicians are on hiatus more of us rise up against it! Don't get me wrong...everyone deserves health care! Just not this socialism, that they are trying to push on us!! And if you are a Sr. Citizen...AARP is now backing this plan, when the people it will hurt the most are Sr. Citizens!!!

5. Lord, I am watching. My spirit awakened. I see what's happening in these United State of America...A land founded on faith in You. Are we now, so unlike our forefathers, that we don't care about the liberties of others!? God forgive us?
God bless you and God Bless America...again!

I possess the Greater One in me...because greater is He in me, than He who is in the world.----1 John 4:14


Pat said...

1. Granny's quilt is beautiful and what a pretty picture (frame worthy) you have taken!
2. I'm standing right beside you sister...we are not lambs to the slaughter..we are not stupid! Keeping informed is the only way (and prayer of course) to be and stay strong. I have a bit of a problem with the way some often say they don't want to hear any bad's out there and it effects you whether you want to hear it or not! Ok, I will now step off my soap box.
Love you!

Trish said...

Pat...thank you for standing atop the soap box with me!

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Such a beautiful quilt ! I am praising God that their healthcare package has not passed and pray that it doesnt. I totally agree, it is plain and simple Socialism,
covered in sprinkles and sparkles in order that we will not see what it truly is.
Amen ~ We must pray without ceasing !
~ Blessings to you my dear friend.

Mrs. Mac said...

You preach sister ... without apology .. why should you make a disclaimer :)?? Jesus was and is not PC .. neither should we be PC .. its political correctness and cowarding of the masses .. sticking heads in the sand in mass .. that has gotten our nation to this point of 'no return' .. come Lord quickly .. watch and read the signs of the times .. be prepared. It's just too bad if someone gets their feathers ruffled. Seems to me Jesus got righteously angry with the money changers in the temple .. he was upset enough to upend their tables selling wares in his home. You preach, Sister. Don't make apology. Hugs ... from one hopping mad granny to another ;)

Mrs. Mac said...

P.S. I could so use a warm embrace from one of your granny's lovely quilts ..

KayMac said...

don't stop the political posts...we may not say much...but we like 'em