Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is where my Tomer and I will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary...The National House Inn, in Marshall Michigan.

Tomorrow night, I will be staying in this suite with my Sweetie!

Yes, we will be relaxing and enjoying the view of the fountain just outside our window. I will take lots of photo's...see you in a few days!

Love to All!


Keetha Broyles said...

Gorgeous place - - - have fun!!

Just Breathe said...

Have a wonderful time, looks beautiful.

Pat said...

Happy 4Oth anniversary you two lovebirds!
Enjoy beautiful Marshall, and have a great dinner at Win Schulers...yum!

Samantha said...

Just beautiful, have a wonderful time ! Happy Anniversary, my dear friend !

Diane said...

Oh dear Trish, it looks absolutely lovely! Happy 40th Anniversary! Can't wait to see your pics. Prayiing you have a wonderful trip and at least 40 more wonderful years together!!!!

Many hugs............


Terry said...

oh eyes are full of tears because i just read your post about dominic and his dad.
i will remember that name and pray for them both.
and now i see here that i missed your 40th anniversary.
i am so sorry that i was too busy to wish you a happy anniversary.
forty years seems like a long time but don't you think as you look back that your wedding day just seems like yesterday?
i think bernie and i have been married 37 year..oh i kind of lose track of time sometimes! terry