Monday, July 13, 2009

A Glorious Day

After finishing up this morning's chores I decided to sit a spell on the back porch swing. So, I enjoyed a coffee break, as I watched Miss Em and Xavie having fun, blowing bubbles! I find, if you keep them busy, it's way more peaceful around here!

When Papa decided to take them on their daily bike ride...I hosed down the back porch. The spiders around here work diligently every night...I find spider webs truly amazing, works of art! But after a couple of days they have to go!

I enjoyed my alone time, wandering the yard, enjoying the beauty of every color variation, petal and leaf. God's handiwork never ceases to amaze me!

Lastly, the banana bread that Em and I made together is cooled and we are ready to share a slice. She is a great helper! Give her a task and she will quietly and patiently work until she gets it done. Well, Tomer's got the chicken off the grill, the rice pilaf and green beans are waiting. It's time for supper. And I'm going enjoy the rest of this glorious day. Pray you do too!

You make everything glorious.
Yes, You make everything glorious.
And I am Yours...What does that make me!?
David Crowder Band


Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect day. God is good.

Pat said...

Yep, a perfect day indeed! That bananna bread looks yummy! Hey, did you know they are building a Tim Hortons on Ecorse? Yipee!

Trish said...

Yes, our buddies, that work at the one on Van Born, told us a while's supposed to be quite fancy and even have some kind of a fountain. Yippee is right!

Constance said...

What is with the Tim Horton's? Must be a regional thing! I hear it mentioned by you "Northerners" all the time! Next time we are heading up to Canada, I'm going to make Dave stop. AFTER we've hit the Cabela's in Owasso! (I think that's where it is?)

Living down south, we grill all year long which is very nice! I tend to be the griller in the family and I don't mind! Just last week I made grilled chicken one night and grilled salmon with raspberry-chipotle sauce another! Good stuff! I am glad SOMEONE is able to enjoy being outdoors during the summer. We have another 100+ degree day ahead of us! BLECH! And people wonder why I want to move to Montana!

Trish said...

Connie...Tim Horton's has awesome coffee!!! And we are having the most perfect Summer. It's 60' this morning and our high for the day 78'!
We've hardly ran the A/C and the best part...all of the time spent outdoors!