Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Now...She's An All-Star

I must say, that I was so impressed when I read this...that I, just had to capture it for a post.

Mad Dog, as she is called. At bat. Hey...batter, batter!

The game continues...I'm still chewing on sunflower seeds and cheering!

At third base. ..watching our girl play, sure makes this ol' grammy nervous...but Oh so, PROUD! Another game tonight, hopefully, they continue on...but if they lose this one, we're done for the season. That is...until Fall Ball begins.

Love to All! \o/


Just Breathe said...

Love the pledge. Have fun Grandma!

Pat said...

How'd our girl do? Yep, she's an all star, in every area of her life!

Trish said...

Alas and Forlorn...we lost...but it was a great Season!

Pat said...

It sure was a great season! Tell Mad Dog we're proud of our girl!

Samantha said...

Love the sign, I know you are so proud of her !!