Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What A Nice Surprise...Jon's Got Courage


Terry said...

dear trish..
this man is really brave talking like this...i hope nobody tries to hurt hm
the canadian christians have always loved george bush trish and we surely did pray for him.
i know that mr,obama has so many bad policies like abortion and stem cell and same sex marriage ideas...all against god!
my heart dropped when he won but then the lord tells us to pray for all that are in power and it is surely hard to do but i guess we must!
the states didn't know how good they had it when they had mr. bush as president!
with all the wickedness that is going on now trish, in high places, we know that the lord is coming soon!!!
love terry

Diane said...

Like Terry said, we know that when we see so much wickedness in high places, the return of our dear Savior is near! My precious Terry was so sick, but stayed on top of everything and made sure he had a mail in ballot. He said to me more than once "I'll never live to see his Presidency, but I'll sure do all I can to keep it from happening with my vote." He was so right. Every day I see more clearly what fools the people of this country have become. We are just as the Bible says "more willing to believe a lie than accept the Truth". May the Lord have mercy on America and the rest of the world for the ignorance and arrogance we displayed during this past Presidential election. I could go on and on, but I won't. I am so thankful you posted this video. Praise the Lord, He has His remnant who still recognize the truth and are willing to stand for it.

Many hugs..........


Becky said...


Pat said...

I saw this on Fox news the other night. We need more people like this who have the attention of the public to speak out. This is not a passing trend in the White House, this is scary bad. Like Terry and Diane, my heart sank when Obama was elected.

Kell said...

i think i love job voight.

Samantha said...

Yes, we need more people like him, such courage. We need more and more prayer for our country !
I had not seen this, thanks for posting !

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