Monday, June 15, 2009


Summer has arrived...Hallelujah! Tomer drove his last bus route on Thursday and is enjoying his first ever...ALL Summer vacation! And let me just say, that we are taking advantage of meeting on the back porch to relax and share a cup of coffee...Yep, this is the life!!! Ahhh!

The view from the porch swing...this would be the place that I solve the problems of the world. Read Gods Word or at times do nothing at all! The Grandbabies will leave their play, stop by to sit with this ol' Gram...share a hug, slurp my coffee or just plain aggravate one another...or drive me crazy...which Tomer says "is a short trip." LOL

Playland was lovingly built by Papa. (Tomer) Beneath this house is a keeps them content for hours. And it keeps me after giving the house a thorough cleaning. I came in to find a trail of the kitchen, through the living room, into the bathroom. And when I washed my hands and grabbed the hand guessed it SAND stuck to my once clean hands. What's a Grammy to do?
Well, when they left for the day I vacuumed, swiffered, and cleaned up grit. It is Sand free again...til tomorrow...when I will be blessed to do it all again!

Love to All!


Keetha Broyles said...

You've been remodeling your blog!

I see your lappy in the "Welcome to our Porch" picture.

I need to vacuum and swiffer around here - - - BADLY.

Mrs. Mac said...

Gotta love those grandbabies :) Enjoy your summer vacation with hubby. We have my folks staying for a couple of weeks ... and have some vacationy things planned. A cowboy super club with shootout preshow, dinner by the Spokane River, BBQ, shopping, loving every minute I get to spend with them.


Samantha said...

Love your porch and the play area is so neat, what child wouldnt love it , grammys house , a blessed place to be, how precious !

Pat said...

I love each of the pictures! It's these everyday precious moments that build the memories of our life. One day you'll wonder when the sand stopped being tracked into the house as times flies swiftly by. Enjoy each summer day, I know I am!

byhisgracealone said...

ohhh i enjoyed visiting your porch and grandbabies playground. enjoy your summer days.....


Felisol said...

The playland with the hut must be a dream for any child.
How lucky and happy the grandbabies must be.
It's worth the price of vacuuming, I should think.
Love your back porch too.
From felisol