Monday, June 8, 2009

Lovin' The Rain

I love these slow rainy mornings...they bring such peace. No, I won't be spending any time out of doors, but that's just fine. I will mosey around the house doing laundry, stripping the bed and whatever else I feel like getting into.

No Grandbabies here today to enjoy the swing...Son-in-love (thanks Diane) is a carpenter and isn't working because of the rain. And Kell's kids are out of school.

Our garden is getting a good watering, but thanks to our resident rabbit...we will have NO corn or green beans...sigh. Oh, And a big thanks to our killer squirrel! Who, has all but destroyed the scarecrow wearing the straw hat. I watched her ripping the poor things overalls to shreds...must be nesting???

I can't believe how everything is growing! And after this lovely rain things will be even more lush and green!!! Ahh...summer.

I pray you all have a wonderful Monday...I'm going to keep the coffee fresh and HOT on this lovely rainy morning.

Love to All


Pat said...

Yep, same great minds think alike this morning...maybe we just both need a rest!
Those pesky wabbits have eaten my lettuce, and have now moved on to the flowers! If only we could plant a "rabbits only" garden so they could eat their fill and leave the rest for us!

Mrs. Mac said...

pesky rabbits indeed! how dare they eat your much anticipated garden! we have rain as well today ... lovin' the free water :) I'm beyond a power nap at the moment ... but thanks for the suggestion.


Samantha said...

Beautiful pictures, love quiet rainy days, reminds of us how great our God is !
Blessings to you sweet friend.

byhisgracealone said...

it was rainy here today, so I was grateful for no watering this evening...everything looks lovely at your dare those darned ole rabbits !!!


Terry said...
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Terry said...

oh i got your name wrong trish is too early in the morning ha!
.look at that nice wet green grass...wouldn't it be nice getting your feet wet walking through it!
we love the rain too because it is filling our rain barrels all up. in fact bernie wants to get another one!
he uses the rain water to water his garden and wash the little red car!
it is wednesday here already and still a little terry

Trish said...

Terry...Tomer has wanted to get a couple of rain barrels for watering.
But that Bernie using it for washing the car...well, that's a great idea!!! We're going to seriously have find us some rain barrels!!!
It's damp here this morning too and we're expecting more rain...

Diane said...

I love the beautiful shots of your gardens. I am a 'rainy day' gal myself. I so much enjoy watching the rain and listening to a thunderstorm. Terry and I used to sit and watch the thunderstorms pass by and marvel at what God can perform! Have a blessed day!

Many hugs.........


Crown of Beauty said...

I love Rainy Days and Mondays... they don't get me down at all... and would I love to have a taste of that coffee you mentioned. I'm a coffee lover (but not a coffee addict)...

Thanks Trish for visiting my blog and leaving such warm and friendly comments.

My husband and I lived in Thailand for a little over a year, from 2007-2008. We lived in Chiang Mai, up in the North. I think Ubon is somewhere in Northeast Thailand, am I right?

Yes, we have lovely memories of Thailand, such a beautiful place, and gentle people. It is where we spent the last year of our life together, before he died unexpectedly in Nov 2008, just six months after we returned to the Philippines.

I loved your post, and surely will be looking forward to coming back for more.

Wasn't sure I could handle any more blog friendships at this point, cause I want to dedicate time and effort to the blogs that I am committed to reading, that is why I had to take a few days to think if I could do justice to being one of the Scarf Sisters.

But the invitation was too tempting to resist. So far I have met already four or five of the Sisterhood - Cathy, Terry, Donna, Felisol, Diane... then recently Pat, and you... and it does seem that there is a common bond of love and friendship and kindness weaving through your lives. So, okay, I'm in!

Blessings on your day today!

Crown of Beauty said...

Sorry, in my previous post was a little error, what I meant was that my husband passed away just six WEEKS (not MONTHS) after we returned home to the Philippines from Thailand.