Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missing Daddy

Photo of my precious Mama and Daddy.

Drawing our Maddy sent to her Big proudly hung on his bedroom wall until removed after he passed away.

Daddy's chair now is empty. His presence here no more.
I long to sit beside him...and talk as days before.

Some days are long and weary...I yearn to hear his voice.
He went home to be with Jesus, of that we had no choice.

But Praise the Lord, he's waiting...upon God's distant shore.
Where again we'll walk together...and rejoice forever more.

I love and miss you Daddy...Your firstborn baby...Patricia.


bj said...

This is always a hard day when so many of us no longer have our dads around. I, like you, miss mine very much and I guess we will miss them until we're with them again.
A very nice tribute to your daddy...
xo bj

bj said...

Just came back to say, as one grannie to another, I just signed up to follow you..Blogland is so hugh and I don't wanna lose you. Come see me sometime, when you have time away from the grands! ;O)

Samantha said...

Praying you have a blessed day filled with lovely memories of your precious dad, have a wonderful day dear friend !

Crown of Beauty said...

This poem touched my heart, esp as it was posted with the empty chair... I was a first born daughter too, and I know I had a special place in my dad's heart. Father's are so special, they have a place in our hearts that can never be given to another.