Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Nights

On most Tuesday nights you can find my pal Peg and I sipping coffee at our local Tim Horton's. We are such regulars that the guys that work there will sit down with us on their breaks and discuss the news of the day.
Now, Peg and I have been friends for nigh on 25 years. We are both Christians but politically we do not always see eye to eye. I am super conservative and very opinionated. She being raised in the south tends to agree with some of the Democratic ways and is just as opinionated. The difference between us is that I DO NOT change my views. Once I form an opinion that's it!!! Peg on the other hand is more open to change...if you can state your case...she listens. We never argue. Oh, we have plenty of discussions...yet we can say anything and for some reason we are never offended or angry.
For whatever reason I have always gotten into politics and want to be informed. But, lately I have taken to turning off the news because the media is so one sided and they repeat things over and over and over. Can I hear it again??? One more time! Ugh!
I have a question...what do you think of the Octo-Mom as they've now dubbed her? You know the Angelina Jolie look alike that had 6 kids already and was artificially inseminated and had 8 more??? Believe it or not some of the guys in Tim Horton's were asking us our opinion tonight! Let me know what you gals think???
Don't think I'll be sleepy for awhile the coffee and gabfest has got this ol' gal going! Think I'll work on some laundry. Good night!

Love to all!


Constance said...

I have always told my children,
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!"

This applies to older women with nice figures wearing age inappropriate clothing, or young women with not so nice figures stuffing themselves into too tight clothes! This actually applies to just about everything in life. You CAN say something mean and cruel but should you? You CAN insist on your way, stand your ground but should you?

I personally think this woman has some serious "hoarding" issues. You see it all the time in the proverbial "cat lady" or "clutter catcher". This usually stems from someone who is insecure and wants to feel needed by some one/thing. I think she's a self-absorbed person who craves attention the way an addict craves, cigarettes, drugs, sex, alcohol and so on...

I think this gal needs some serious therapy. It also angers me because she is no position to financially care for 14 children! Her selfishness has created a burden for others to carry.

Margie said...

I think it's nuts! I think she belongs in the looney bin. I agree with Connie... just because you can, doesn't mean you should. sure, the children are a blessing from God, however, that woman is a nut case!

Pat said...

My heart goes out to all those babies..and the Mother and her family. I don't see any way she will be allowed to bring all those babies home, which means that the siblings will be split up. The Mom is in need of some help and the doctor who made this all possible should have his license revoked.
I also think about who will take these babies and will they love them or will they see it as a means to make money off of their story? A lot of unanswered question ahead.
Hi Peggy!

KayMac said...

Trish! I wondered what happened to you. I couldn't find you using the link I have saved.

Catching up on your posts...wow! Alot there!

Deb said...

I pray for her. I think the media is too rough on her. Yes, I think she may have made some unwise choices, but haven't we all made unwise choices at some time in our life? I have no answers...just prayers!

Louise said...

I doubt this woman's mental capacity is as bad as some think it is ... it seems she may be getting just what she wanted ... media attention from all corners of the globe ... Dr. Phil has intervened ... the last I heard she was 'buying' a $565,00 home that's basically too small to raise 14 children ... since she doesn't work, where is the money coming from? I also heard her father put over $100,000 down on this house and yet his home is supposedly near foreclosure due to back payments? And this house needs serious updates and improvements before those 8 addtional babies can come home.

She may indeed have mental issues but she'll end up with a book deal and possibly a movie before this is through.

I see her as someone who has never taken "no" for an answer and has tried to play God in getting herself pregnant not once or twice, but 7 times. She often refers to her 'church' ... what sort of place is it and what on earth is she learning there??