Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tweener Party Info

1. There was constant chatter and loud screeching. 16 girls make alot of noise!

2. Where one goes they all go...all in a row.

3. They carry Cell phones and IPods...things sure have changed since I was that age!

4. They consumed 36 cupcakes, 1 gal. of ice cream, 2 party pizza's, chips, doritoes, 8 - 2 liters of pop and 1 gallon of apple juice. Oh! and 3 double rolls of toilet paper were used, everytime I went in the bathroom I added a new roll!

5. They love Edward and Twilight.

6. I couldn't believe that they were doing hair in the bathroom from 3a.m. til 4:30a.m. but my hair products were a big hit!

7. They listen to lots of Taylor Swift music.

8. We experienced only intermittent periods of sleep...totally I may have gotten 2 hours. And several girls didn't sleep at all!

9. There was a bit of drama which came as no surprise since Madsy is Queen Drama.

10. At Breakfast...Tomer baked 3 lbs. of bacon, while I stood at the waffle iron for an hour and 1 gallon of O.J...gone. The girls were picked up by 11:30a.m. and our Madsy and Miss Em are back to sleep. Now, I will try to muster up enough energy to clean up around here and then I will be taking myself a nap!!!

Love to All!


Terry said...

Dear Trish,
You and Tomer are worth your weight in gold!
Love Terry

Deb said...

It sounds as if everyone had a super great time! And bravo to you for hosting such a grand event!! Grandmas and Grandpas are super--and Madsy is going to have this wonderful memory to carry with her for many, many years to come!

YOU are awesome!!!

Margie said...

sounds like so much fun! I miss those days! Maybe I need to have more babies!!

Kell said...

Madison would like me to correct's Edward from Twilight, not Edwin.

Trish said...

Corrected to Edward!

Pat said...

That's a lot of toilet paper! Hopefully they were using it on beauty products!
Those were the good old days when we could eat all we wanted and never gain any weight.
Sounds like those girls had a wonderful time provided by wonderful grandparents.

Constance said...

I'm glad you both survived the party! You DO know now, that all of her friends are probably jealous that her grandparents are SO cool! You've set the bar now! I'm sure there are still remnants of party hangover so take it easy (if you can!)

byhisgracealone said...

wow!! you two are brave gram and gramps...I'm with Pat that's a lot of toilet paper... our septic system would be bursting into the neighbors yard....:)

you are awesome!!