Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Eyes

This morning our Mandy dropped off Xavier (aka Scooter) for a visit. Now, initially he came just to spend the day with us. But we learned differently when he loudly exclaimed "Oh, no I forgot my pajama's!" And when his Mama told him that he didn't need his pajama's, he remarked indignantly "I do cause I'm sleeping with my Grammy!" Thankfully this ol' Grammy keeps clothes and extra jammies for them. Whenever I dress them, I just throw their things down the laundry chute where they are laundered and put into their own drawer. Then they most always have something here in case of emergency.
Well, anyways...I needed for him to quiet down awhile, so we sat down with our Goldfish crackers and orange juice...nice combination don't you think???
He asked me to put on his show... so I hit the On Demand button and found his favorite Berenstain Bears. The "burrs" as he calls them is calming and there is always a good lesson in the theme of each episode. Such as treating people kindly, (very important) good manners, sharing or saying I'm sorry. You get the point. I don't want him watching some of the mindless drivel that's on nowadays.
And I find that some shows honestly make him bounce off the walls and I'm all for peaceful boys when I have a choice!
I then went on a search for images of the Bears for my Post and clicked onto one. Huh! What's this??? Somehow I landed on an Atheists Blog and he is talking about the Berenstain Bears being Christian and how he was fooled by the books as a child. Good grief...can you believe that??? Although most that commented agreed that the one on the Golden Rule..."Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" could be used by all...not just Christians. I believe that the Lord had me come upon this, not by accident. Because it confirmed to me that this is a show where my Grandbabies won't be misled by some of the subtle things seen on other programs.
Remember the old song that we sang in Sunday School...Oh, be careful little eyes what you see? It's good knowing that their little eyes are safe watching the "burrs.
Hallelujah! Scooter's asleep!!! Quiet time and a hot cup of coffee...sigh.

Love to All"


Pat said...

I've always loved those Berenstain Bears or burrs.
Those atheists will have a big surprise one day..a surprise that wont' be one bit nice.

Margie said...

you know... there's a bumper sticker that says "if you're living like there's no God, you better be right".

I don't understand how people can believe that they were "fooled" as children about Christ... knuckleheads... they are just fools now, because they are believing the ultimate liar!

byhisgracealone said...

it is very disheartening and discouraging but I have family members who think that way....and I just pray and pray and pray for them.....

I love reading about your days with your sweet

Constance said...

Trying to play catch up since going back to work this week has left me worn out! My kids had me read "The Spooky Old Tree" until it fell apart! I remember Charlie loved the "Me and My Mom/Dad" books. They would do different things like camping and stuff and he always put himself into the stories. It was so sweet. Yeah, atheists will be in for a rude awakening sad to say.

What a blessing to pay for your Tim Hortons and even your lunch! I might have to do a little of that myself for someone else!!