Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's A New Day

I will soon celebrate my 57th birthday, not a major milestone in itself since I took my first step and mumbled my first words a long time ago. But what amazes me, is that I am still learning. Learning that even at almost 57 years old, I am still growing...No, I will never grow to be any taller than my 5'7"...yet, spiritually I can always reach new heights. It is, I know a choice, staying the same is never a good place. But the Lord in His mercy makes a way...He redeems us. Even before our hearts ever change...we are His. A new beginning is offered to us, if we let go of our past and take the path of new beginnings...lay down the junk and pick up the Cross.
I have learned that contentment is also a that I alone can make for my life, by forgiving and forgetting the wrongs done by others. And most importantly stopping to count my blessings when heartache and disappointments come. For it is at these times that only the Hands of God, can put together broken lives and heal broken hearts.
Mercy is something that I give, for..."like a prisoner set free...mercy came running to me." (love the words of that song) His mercy endures forever and so must mine if I am to have His hand on my life.
Next, if I'm to expect a breakthrough...I must go deeper... His storehouse is there for us. It contains everything that we need...but we must search to find what it holds and open the doors for ourselves.
Praise is very important...exalting the One who with but a wave of his hand set this world in motion and breathed life into a soul, made but from the dust of the earth! How worthy is He? He requires our Praise!
So, on this new day, I know that every breath that I have belongs to Him. Yes, I belong to Jesus...the Alpha and Omega...the Beginning and the End.
And I never felt more alive.

Love to All!


Pat said...

You will be a beautiful 57. It's been forty years since we met. Time flies when your having fun!

Trish said...

Pat~ Forty years and it seems like yesterday!!! What a blessing you are!!!

Louise said...

Beautiful post by a beautiful Lady .. I needed to read this Trish. Thank you for writing.

Constance said...

We are never supposed to stop learning! When we do they might as well throw dirt on the top of us and call it a day! Our Pastor reminds us that God is looking for progress and not perfection. Perfection's the goal (unattainable in this earthly life) that we work towards. God honors our obedience and sacrifice!

Felisol said...

What a strong testimony of a young woman of 57. Hopefully you'll never stop praising like you did today.

Paul is speaking highly of the tried belief.
So are you.
Were it not for the storms, the steep hills and the dark nights, we would not need or hold on to His strong father hands.
God bless you on the road ahead.
From Felisol