Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Free

I the mundane stories of my life make a difference? Why are there times that I long for peace and there is none? And Feelings? Should I live by feelings? Believe me, I know that I should not. And I know that satan tries to use these low times in life to convince me otherwise...your feelings don't one cares... so why do you? BUT...
Every morning the sun rises in the east, awakens the night and assures me otherwise. I again rise to a new day. Where I know that God cares. So, I care because He cares. He first loved me...I'm free!

Therefore if the Son hath made you free, you are free indeed.
John 8:36

Love to All


Margie said...

amen sister!!!

Constance said...

I love what our Pastor always says.
"Don't let what you feel, control what you know. Let what you know, control how you feel!"

That's when we need to have the Word before us every day and memorizing it. Now if I would just practice more what I preach!

Pat said...

Free at last!!
To often we let our feelings control us...we need to shake them off, establish who we are in Christ and get it together!!

Deb said...

I heard a radio pastor say this tonight while on the way to work...
..."No one is responsible for MY feelings."
He went on to talk about how we hold unforgiveness in our hearts because of how we feel and we have to let things go and realize that the person whom we think did us wrong is not at all responsible for our feelings... Good stuff. Very freeing --if we apply the truth to our lives!

Terry said...

Dear Trish,
You remind me so much of Arlene and Miss Patty, the way you write.
What an excellent thing that we are free at last and we don't even have to go by our feelings.
The Lord has freed us and who can replace the chains again
We can't, the world can't and neither can the devil!
If we went by our feelings where would we ever be when it comes to having joy in the Lord!
I loved this post Trish.....Love Terry