Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Need their Smoke

With news of the stock market plunging after the government requiring the resignation of the head of General Motors and lots of restructuring of the Auto Industries themselves. I am finding myself in a quandary. I understand that WE bailed them out. Tom and I have always been of the the opinion...if you don't ask others for a handout, then you don't have to give account for your actions. They asked, now Big Brother is watching!
But my quandary is this... why aren't the Financial Institutions being held to the same standards? For crying out loud, they handed over BILLIONS with no questions asked and are still not held accountable! Not one of them have been asked to step down...they have gone on trips, gotten bonuses and as the government drools over them WE the little people are paying to bail out these crooks!!!
Believe me, I know the little people suffer husband is retired from Ford Motor Company. And back in the 1980's took concessions and pay freezes to keep them afloat. Some of his co-workers were laid off indefinitely, knowing they may never be called back! Here we are again, and this time I blame our politicians...they are the ones who voted in the North American Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA)
Let the foreign automakers, come in here and takeover. And while I'm at it the Steel Industry in this nation went first...McLouth Steel no longer exists, Great Lakes Steel is shut down for at least a year and Rouge Steel once owned by Ford Motor Company is now called Severstall, and it is owned by a Russian company.
Well, I have calmed down, my ranting finished for now. Don't think I'll watch the news for just keeps my fire stoked and I don't need anymore smoke!
Yes, Things they are a changin'. Nothing is certain anymore...except for my Salvation and the hope I have in a God, who will see me through whatever lies ahead.

Love to all!


Margie said...

I was just thinking that myself this morning. Sometimes I just pray... Jesus! come now!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm with you and not watching the news any more. It's sickening the way our country is crumbling and breaking down. This is not a slow 'death' but one that is at break-neck speed. A train wreck to be exact. What the heck is happening? I think when God was taken out of the back seat he was given things started going south. A country that honors not Our Maker, will not be honored by Our Maker.

I think the animals are in charge of the zoo now.

Happy birthday Trish ...

Constance said...

My stepdad, Pop is retired from FORD as well! I remember him getting laid off back in the 1970's and working as a maintainance man at a nursing home for 2 years until he got called back. He worked on the line, spray painting the cars that came through. Remember when working at one of the auto assembly plants was one of the best jobs a man could get?

I try not to watch too much news anymore. Besides being depressing, it seems to feed people's fears. It's like right after 9/11, so many people were glued to their TV's for weeks it seemed. I know of people who literally started becoming depressed because of the continual negativity.

Louise said...

I don't watch much of the 'news' either ... it's the same old stuff, repackaged in a new day and every news cast begins with "Breaking News!" or "News Alert!" Gimme a break ... they won't, so I give myself one .. I turn them off.
Much better to read God's Word or listen to something that edifies instead.

Pat said...

The new's is always on around here. I like to keep informed but I truly believe you could skip the news for a week, and every thing would be just about the same.

Terry said...

yes, canada is in bad shape too trish.
poor old bernie wanted to take his government pension and his company pension but that pension lost 60 thousand dollars when the market dropped so, guess what.
he will have to work a couple more years.
his company depends on the car factories but he really isn't complaining because at least his company is still open..
we are thanking the lord for that and because it is so slow, he doesn't get as sore and tired.
he probably does a quarter of the work he used to do.
I like what louise said.
she sure hit the nail right on the head, eh terry