Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday afternoon I had a few errands to run. The last one being at the beauty salon for a trim. After a nice visit with my sweet hairdresser Phyllis, I felt the need for COFFEE! At first I thought Ahh, just go home and brew a pot and save yourself a couple of bucks. But...I talked myself into a trip to the drive-thru at my favorite Tim Horton's where I not only ordered...1 large coffee with butter caramel flavor and 2 creams please. I was hungry and ordered a raisin bagel toasted with light cream cheese...Mmm! Whereupon I was given my total and had my money in hand as I pulled to the window. As the young man opened the window, I reached out to give him the money and he smiled and said "the lady that was ahead of you and has just pulled away, paid for yours too. What??? I, in that moment felt sooo blessed. Blessed that someone that I didn't know would do such a thing. And thankful that God had chosen to use someone to do it for little ol 'me.
Now, this isn't the end of my story, because a few weeks ago after our Sunday morning Church Service Tomer and I along with our girls and the Grandbabies went to lunch.
We happily gathered at Angelina's our favorite Mexican Restaurant when some old friends we had attended Church with years ago came in. After hugs and greetings we settled in for our meal. When finished, we wondered where our check was and as the waitress buzzed past she remarks you're all set. I reply that we hadn't got our bill and she points to our friends and says that they had taken care of it.
Now, we are speechless and feel so unworthy! They have paid the bill for our whole family!!! That was no small sum!!! And after many thank you's and much hugging, we left there feeling loved...not just by old friends. But by the Lord, for he is the one who put it on their hearts.
I have thought of them everyday since...God Bless those that have randomly blessed us...and Lord, thank you for these unexpected acts of kindness. You alone are worthy Lord!

Love to All!


Felisol said...

I understand you feeling blessed. For the givers it sure must have been an even greater blessing.
Send your bread upon the waters..
I'm sure your happiness made them feel good too.
Fining old friends is an even greater event.
From Felisol

Rebecca said...

How fun to have that happen...I can't imagine such a treat! I can see friends paying for a meal but to drive up to the drive through and have total strangers have paid for your coffee...that is really something! That is sure the kind of treat (blessing in christianese) to pass along for you have really experienced how it spread the love....

Pat said...

How wonderful, and what a great feeling you must have from it! I love the pay it forward spirit, especially the stranger at the drive great!

Deb said...

Isn't that just the coolest thing ever?!

Once when Brillo Man and I were out to dinner, our bill was taken care of by Dawna and Dave who happened to be eating at the next table --I have never forgotten that act of kindness --especially since it happened during a time when she and I had lost touch with each other. (which will NEVER happen again!)

I love those random acts of kindness. I call them "hugs from God!"

Margie said...

how awesome!!

by chance... did you get a green card too??