Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Birthday

Today our oldest Grandson Ian Thomas is 9 years time flies! Eman requested that this ol' Grammy make Meat Loaf and Rice Pilaf for our Birthday Supper. We would prefer Mashed Potatoes, but he doesn't eat potatoes and it's his birthday so Pilaf it is!
PaPa (Tomer) has been working on the birthday boys 4 Wheeler for 2 days now. That was what he requested for his birthday gift from us so Tomer happily picked up the needed parts and worked on it all Saturday afternoon. After awhile he realized that the reason things weren't working as they should, was because they gave him the wrong size part. Tomer is now back at the shop trying to get the right size part so that our Eman can ride his 4 Wheeler on his birthday.
I still have to run to the Mart for a few supplies while Tomer has Xavier aka's sooo much easier to go it alone since that boy wants to roam the whole store and thinks he doesn't have to ride in a cart anymore!
What a blessed day...the sun is shining brightly! I have sooo much to be thankful for...the peace that only Jesus gives, our health and the love and joy of family.
I am blessed!!! And We're having Meat Loaf!

Love to all!


Margie said...

That's AWESOME!!!

Pat said...

What a wonderful sunny day too! Nothing like a birthday meatloaf. I love pilaf, but I think I'd rather have mashed potatoes with the meatloaf.....but I wouldn't turn down either one!
Sing Happy Birthday extra loud for me too!

Constance said...

"Meatloaf, beetloaf, I hate meatloaf"!
(Ralphie's little brother Randy from the Christmas Story.)

I, on the other hand, LOVE meatloaf. Wrap me up a doggy bag would you?

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy b/d to Ian ... nine years old already ... I hope you all enjoyed meatloaf sandwiches today (a day late).

Deb said...

Olivia prefers rice over mashed potatoes too.

What is up with that?!