Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Need their Smoke

With news of the stock market plunging after the government requiring the resignation of the head of General Motors and lots of restructuring of the Auto Industries themselves. I am finding myself in a quandary. I understand that WE bailed them out. Tom and I have always been of the the opinion...if you don't ask others for a handout, then you don't have to give account for your actions. They asked, now Big Brother is watching!
But my quandary is this... why aren't the Financial Institutions being held to the same standards? For crying out loud, they handed over BILLIONS with no questions asked and are still not held accountable! Not one of them have been asked to step down...they have gone on trips, gotten bonuses and as the government drools over them WE the little people are paying to bail out these crooks!!!
Believe me, I know the little people suffer husband is retired from Ford Motor Company. And back in the 1980's took concessions and pay freezes to keep them afloat. Some of his co-workers were laid off indefinitely, knowing they may never be called back! Here we are again, and this time I blame our politicians...they are the ones who voted in the North American Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA)
Let the foreign automakers, come in here and takeover. And while I'm at it the Steel Industry in this nation went first...McLouth Steel no longer exists, Great Lakes Steel is shut down for at least a year and Rouge Steel once owned by Ford Motor Company is now called Severstall, and it is owned by a Russian company.
Well, I have calmed down, my ranting finished for now. Don't think I'll watch the news for just keeps my fire stoked and I don't need anymore smoke!
Yes, Things they are a changin'. Nothing is certain anymore...except for my Salvation and the hope I have in a God, who will see me through whatever lies ahead.

Love to all!

It's A New Day

I will soon celebrate my 57th birthday, not a major milestone in itself since I took my first step and mumbled my first words a long time ago. But what amazes me, is that I am still learning. Learning that even at almost 57 years old, I am still growing...No, I will never grow to be any taller than my 5'7"...yet, spiritually I can always reach new heights. It is, I know a choice, staying the same is never a good place. But the Lord in His mercy makes a way...He redeems us. Even before our hearts ever change...we are His. A new beginning is offered to us, if we let go of our past and take the path of new beginnings...lay down the junk and pick up the Cross.
I have learned that contentment is also a that I alone can make for my life, by forgiving and forgetting the wrongs done by others. And most importantly stopping to count my blessings when heartache and disappointments come. For it is at these times that only the Hands of God, can put together broken lives and heal broken hearts.
Mercy is something that I give, for..."like a prisoner set free...mercy came running to me." (love the words of that song) His mercy endures forever and so must mine if I am to have His hand on my life.
Next, if I'm to expect a breakthrough...I must go deeper... His storehouse is there for us. It contains everything that we need...but we must search to find what it holds and open the doors for ourselves.
Praise is very important...exalting the One who with but a wave of his hand set this world in motion and breathed life into a soul, made but from the dust of the earth! How worthy is He? He requires our Praise!
So, on this new day, I know that every breath that I have belongs to Him. Yes, I belong to Jesus...the Alpha and Omega...the Beginning and the End.
And I never felt more alive.

Love to All!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Eyes

This morning our Mandy dropped off Xavier (aka Scooter) for a visit. Now, initially he came just to spend the day with us. But we learned differently when he loudly exclaimed "Oh, no I forgot my pajama's!" And when his Mama told him that he didn't need his pajama's, he remarked indignantly "I do cause I'm sleeping with my Grammy!" Thankfully this ol' Grammy keeps clothes and extra jammies for them. Whenever I dress them, I just throw their things down the laundry chute where they are laundered and put into their own drawer. Then they most always have something here in case of emergency.
Well, anyways...I needed for him to quiet down awhile, so we sat down with our Goldfish crackers and orange juice...nice combination don't you think???
He asked me to put on his show... so I hit the On Demand button and found his favorite Berenstain Bears. The "burrs" as he calls them is calming and there is always a good lesson in the theme of each episode. Such as treating people kindly, (very important) good manners, sharing or saying I'm sorry. You get the point. I don't want him watching some of the mindless drivel that's on nowadays.
And I find that some shows honestly make him bounce off the walls and I'm all for peaceful boys when I have a choice!
I then went on a search for images of the Bears for my Post and clicked onto one. Huh! What's this??? Somehow I landed on an Atheists Blog and he is talking about the Berenstain Bears being Christian and how he was fooled by the books as a child. Good grief...can you believe that??? Although most that commented agreed that the one on the Golden Rule..."Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" could be used by all...not just Christians. I believe that the Lord had me come upon this, not by accident. Because it confirmed to me that this is a show where my Grandbabies won't be misled by some of the subtle things seen on other programs.
Remember the old song that we sang in Sunday School...Oh, be careful little eyes what you see? It's good knowing that their little eyes are safe watching the "burrs.
Hallelujah! Scooter's asleep!!! Quiet time and a hot cup of coffee...sigh.

Love to All"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A good thing

I did not sleep well last night! I went to bed at 11p.m. but I just couldn't fall asleep. I finally forced myself to stop watching the clock sometime past midnight...had to go potty at 2:30...Tomers alarm went off at 5a.m....the garbage truck roared up in front of our house at 5:20 a.m.! After this I finally fell into a sound sleep but crawled out of bed at 7a.m. to get my coffee on before Elek got here at 7:30. And Pat knows I need coffee to keep up with that boy!
We had lunch with Pat and Hal today...they treated us to Chicken Schwarma's and Fatoush. Mmmm...Mmmm. They got to see our Elek in action.
After we came home and Elek left with his Mama. I sat down with my coffee and next thing you know 2 hours had past...Yes, I had fallen asleep sitting on the couch!
Man, did it feel good!!!

Love to all!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday afternoon I had a few errands to run. The last one being at the beauty salon for a trim. After a nice visit with my sweet hairdresser Phyllis, I felt the need for COFFEE! At first I thought Ahh, just go home and brew a pot and save yourself a couple of bucks. But...I talked myself into a trip to the drive-thru at my favorite Tim Horton's where I not only ordered...1 large coffee with butter caramel flavor and 2 creams please. I was hungry and ordered a raisin bagel toasted with light cream cheese...Mmm! Whereupon I was given my total and had my money in hand as I pulled to the window. As the young man opened the window, I reached out to give him the money and he smiled and said "the lady that was ahead of you and has just pulled away, paid for yours too. What??? I, in that moment felt sooo blessed. Blessed that someone that I didn't know would do such a thing. And thankful that God had chosen to use someone to do it for little ol 'me.
Now, this isn't the end of my story, because a few weeks ago after our Sunday morning Church Service Tomer and I along with our girls and the Grandbabies went to lunch.
We happily gathered at Angelina's our favorite Mexican Restaurant when some old friends we had attended Church with years ago came in. After hugs and greetings we settled in for our meal. When finished, we wondered where our check was and as the waitress buzzed past she remarks you're all set. I reply that we hadn't got our bill and she points to our friends and says that they had taken care of it.
Now, we are speechless and feel so unworthy! They have paid the bill for our whole family!!! That was no small sum!!! And after many thank you's and much hugging, we left there feeling loved...not just by old friends. But by the Lord, for he is the one who put it on their hearts.
I have thought of them everyday since...God Bless those that have randomly blessed us...and Lord, thank you for these unexpected acts of kindness. You alone are worthy Lord!

Love to All!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Sabbath Day

Little Luxuries

1. As usual I started the day with my favorite Eight O'clock french vanilla coffee...little luxury.

2. Have the day all to myself...Tomer and our Ian are at the men's breakfast then off to the Church to put up the set for our Easter programs.

3. I am moving kind of slow this morning...gave blood yesterday and I find myself tired and cold for a couple of days afterward. But it is worth you know that only 5 percent of the population gives blood and that every 3 seconds someone needs it???

4. My Kell hooked me up to a new internet service "Firefox" and I'm lovin' it...sooo much faster!!!

5. There is no sun and it is cold here this morning...the thermometer reads 30'.

6. Tomer and I are planning our trip home to Tennessee the week after Easter.
I'll take lots of pictures so that you can all see the beautiful hills where I was born!

7. Have to cut a friends hair...I'm pretty much retired as a hairdresser but have a few faithfuls that have stuck with me from the beginning.

8. This afternoon I have a hair cut appointment for myself...and I am blessed with a hairdresser who LISTENS!!!

9. Going to the Youth Dinner Theater tonight...a night out...another little luxury.

10. Thankful for another day...the Lord is faithful!!! Huge Blessings!

Love to All!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walking with Jesus

The forecast for today is I was loading the dishwasher I could hear the distant thunder. The rain is almost here. I love the rain...the smell of the damp earth, as it prepares for Spring. A time of the glorious colors of God burst from the ground in all of their splendor. Don't you feel the hope and joy that each tulip, leaf or even the smallest blade of grass brings?
I find it no mistake that Spring is when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ...
How much more hope and joy He brings!!! He is here in Glorious Splendor...His beauty beyond description. As the flowers are within our grasp, their beauty is fleeting.
Jesus is always near...He gives Eternal Life...How Amazing!

Love to All!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Birthday

Today our oldest Grandson Ian Thomas is 9 years time flies! Eman requested that this ol' Grammy make Meat Loaf and Rice Pilaf for our Birthday Supper. We would prefer Mashed Potatoes, but he doesn't eat potatoes and it's his birthday so Pilaf it is!
PaPa (Tomer) has been working on the birthday boys 4 Wheeler for 2 days now. That was what he requested for his birthday gift from us so Tomer happily picked up the needed parts and worked on it all Saturday afternoon. After awhile he realized that the reason things weren't working as they should, was because they gave him the wrong size part. Tomer is now back at the shop trying to get the right size part so that our Eman can ride his 4 Wheeler on his birthday.
I still have to run to the Mart for a few supplies while Tomer has Xavier aka's sooo much easier to go it alone since that boy wants to roam the whole store and thinks he doesn't have to ride in a cart anymore!
What a blessed day...the sun is shining brightly! I have sooo much to be thankful for...the peace that only Jesus gives, our health and the love and joy of family.
I am blessed!!! And We're having Meat Loaf!

Love to all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009


What a time we had last night! My sister Pam (pictured above) pal Peg and myself ventured Downtown to the Fox Theater. We were so excited and had been counting down the days til the "Gaither & Friends" Concert and Wow! Did we have fun!!!
Of course anyone who knows me well...knows that I love Michael English! I rejoiced when I heard his testimony of redemption last year. That he had recommitted his life and talent to the Lord was not surprising. For When God has his hand on your life he never lets go...we do. Michael sounded great and is as handsome as ever!!!
The concert was just what this ol' gal needed...a girls night out. But not just any old night spent praising God, laughing hysterically and being surrounded by a theater full of people who love the Lord. We heard ne'er a curse word, there wasn't a drop of alcohol sold and we didn't have to look away because someone was scantily attired...everyone was dressed in their finest.
Believe me, when I say that I am not being judgmental. But in a world where we as Christians, are mocked and subjected to so many things that we should find
repulsive...all was well with my soul at the end of the night. And for that I am thankful.

"It feels like redemption....raining down on me. It feels like forgiveness...has come to set me free. All my chains have been lifted...cause when the hands of love...touch a broken feels like redemption."

Michael English from "The Prodigal Comes Home" CD.

Love to All!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

John Denver...Poet

While flipping through the guide on TV tonight I came across a 1995 John Denver Wildlife Benefit Concert on our local PBS station. Wow! This man could not only sing, but the words he wrote could touch my very soul. To me he was more than just your average songwriter...John was a Poet. And as I sat listening I was taken back in time. Man...did the melancholies set in. Such beauty in his words..."It's 5 o'clock this morning and the sun is on the rise. There's frosting on the windowpane and sorrow in your eyes. The stars are fading quietly, the night is nearly gone. And so you turn away from me and tears begin to come. And it's goodbye again."
Sadly, he passed away just 2 years after this performance..but his music is as poignant today as it was in the beginning.

Love to all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Nights

On most Tuesday nights you can find my pal Peg and I sipping coffee at our local Tim Horton's. We are such regulars that the guys that work there will sit down with us on their breaks and discuss the news of the day.
Now, Peg and I have been friends for nigh on 25 years. We are both Christians but politically we do not always see eye to eye. I am super conservative and very opinionated. She being raised in the south tends to agree with some of the Democratic ways and is just as opinionated. The difference between us is that I DO NOT change my views. Once I form an opinion that's it!!! Peg on the other hand is more open to change...if you can state your case...she listens. We never argue. Oh, we have plenty of discussions...yet we can say anything and for some reason we are never offended or angry.
For whatever reason I have always gotten into politics and want to be informed. But, lately I have taken to turning off the news because the media is so one sided and they repeat things over and over and over. Can I hear it again??? One more time! Ugh!
I have a question...what do you think of the Octo-Mom as they've now dubbed her? You know the Angelina Jolie look alike that had 6 kids already and was artificially inseminated and had 8 more??? Believe it or not some of the guys in Tim Horton's were asking us our opinion tonight! Let me know what you gals think???
Don't think I'll be sleepy for awhile the coffee and gabfest has got this ol' gal going! Think I'll work on some laundry. Good night!

Love to all!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Seasons of Change

I am a person who enjoys the changing of seasons...all 4 of them. And yes, I even enjoy Winter and love the Snow!!! But today while out and about on this lovely, mild day. It felt soo good that I am ready for Spring!
While Tomer and Hal worked on the kitchen redo at tookieville Pat and I enjoyed our coffee and sat peacefully together watching as the birds fed from the feeder that Hal so lovingly keeps for them. It was good to see such fine feathered friends as the woodpecker, sparrows and even a crow feeding as they swung to and fro from the feeder. And I even spotted my favorite ...the cardinal. So vibrant against the sky as he sat on a bare limb in the tree. What a sight! Of course the best part of the day was being with our dearest friends Pat & Hal...we love them!
As Tomer and I arrived home, there popping from the ground were our daylilies. They are a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner! And Spring is my favorite season of all! I can't wait for the colorful sight of Daffodils, Hyacinths and the beds of Tulips that Tomer has planted, to brighten our landscape.
Another sign is all of the rain we've had and more is expected through the night and all day tomorrow. Yes, I am ready for this new season. Not just in the changing of the weather...but a time of renewal in my life. A new season, where I welcome the changes that God is revealing to me...that I'm going to have to let go of some things ...that I can't fix everything...Yes, I'm still learning. And the seasons are still changing.

Love to all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tweener Party Info

1. There was constant chatter and loud screeching. 16 girls make alot of noise!

2. Where one goes they all go...all in a row.

3. They carry Cell phones and IPods...things sure have changed since I was that age!

4. They consumed 36 cupcakes, 1 gal. of ice cream, 2 party pizza's, chips, doritoes, 8 - 2 liters of pop and 1 gallon of apple juice. Oh! and 3 double rolls of toilet paper were used, everytime I went in the bathroom I added a new roll!

5. They love Edward and Twilight.

6. I couldn't believe that they were doing hair in the bathroom from 3a.m. til 4:30a.m. but my hair products were a big hit!

7. They listen to lots of Taylor Swift music.

8. We experienced only intermittent periods of sleep...totally I may have gotten 2 hours. And several girls didn't sleep at all!

9. There was a bit of drama which came as no surprise since Madsy is Queen Drama.

10. At Breakfast...Tomer baked 3 lbs. of bacon, while I stood at the waffle iron for an hour and 1 gallon of O.J...gone. The girls were picked up by 11:30a.m. and our Madsy and Miss Em are back to sleep. Now, I will try to muster up enough energy to clean up around here and then I will be taking myself a nap!!!

Love to All!

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're Having A Party

Tonight Tomer and I will be having a quiet peaceful evening...NOT! We will be busy hosting around 16 of our Madsy's closest friends! Yes, I am expecting that they will arrive with sleeping bags and pillows, giggles and lots of LOUD chatter!
Believe me, we are prepared on not getting much sleep! And I'm sure a bit of drama, since that's what girls are all about.
They will eat too much pizza, drink too much pop and party til the cows come home.
Oh Lord, This ol' Grammy and PaPa will probably be zombies before morning!!!
I will rise to make them a breakfast of bacon and homemade waffles and get them hopping, so that they will be ready to be picked up at 11a.m.
Where upon, I will then collapse with my coffee and rest...content in knowing that a good time was had by all. And Maddy's 12th birthday celebration was just what she wanted.
This old couple covets your prayers tonight!!!

p.s. Pat~ I did it myself...added the image!!! Aren't you proud of this ol' friend???

Love to All!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Free

I the mundane stories of my life make a difference? Why are there times that I long for peace and there is none? And Feelings? Should I live by feelings? Believe me, I know that I should not. And I know that satan tries to use these low times in life to convince me otherwise...your feelings don't one cares... so why do you? BUT...
Every morning the sun rises in the east, awakens the night and assures me otherwise. I again rise to a new day. Where I know that God cares. So, I care because He cares. He first loved me...I'm free!

Therefore if the Son hath made you free, you are free indeed.
John 8:36

Love to All