Saturday, May 14, 2016


Tomer and I, have been waiting for warm weather... looking forward to heading to our favorite Nursery/Farm Market...we so enjoy, planning out our gardens and then leisurely, strolling through the greenhouses to purchase all that we need. 
It rained again through the night and the winds picked up... the temperatures dropped, so low, that I turned the furnace on this morning!  Brrr... Frost Advisories are in place for tomorrow but Hallelujah, things (temps) are looking up for next week!  We want to get 'er done!
Waiting, comes as no surprise to us, since May temps in Michigan are a bit fickle and never trustworthy.  Oh, but this time of year brings us together, our hearts are one, as always...loving our Lord, loving one another and our family, enjoying our home and time spent outdoors basking in His creation...we are thankful, for all that God has given us...He is worthy to be praised.
Now, its about time to head to the soccer field for our Xavier's game...where's my Winter coat and gloves!?  Have a wonderful weekend, dear ones.



Saija said...

i can so relate! one day it's in the 80's here in Manitoba ... next it is below freezing! but GOD is good, all the time ... and life is always filled with grace ... blessings on your weekend too!!!

Deb said...

Similar weather here in northwestern PA....oh, how I long for warmer days! I'm about to go crawl into bed for an afternoon nap under my electric blanket!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It has been a very unusual year for weather all across the states. Here we are in Southern California and the furnace is still kicking on! Hope your weather warms up soon.