Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

As we enjoy... time spent with family, going to Church, barbequing or working at our jobs...take time, to thank God, for the brave men and women who have sacrificed everything for our freedom.  And please say a prayer...for the families of these heroes, who have given their lives and for those serving still.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, this morning, when Tomer got off his morning bus run...we finally met up and got most everything for our gardens.  I must admit, this is my favorite time of year...the air smells like freshly mown grass, the sunshine on my shoulders is so welcoming.  Oh, and the whole earth sings of His glory...birds chirping, bees buzzing and our grandboy Elek, singing happily to he spends  time outside with his Papa.
I am so blessed today...I am healthy and whole, I love and am loved in return.  Have a wonderful day my friends...


Saturday, May 14, 2016


Tomer and I, have been waiting for warm weather... looking forward to heading to our favorite Nursery/Farm Market...we so enjoy, planning out our gardens and then leisurely, strolling through the greenhouses to purchase all that we need. 
It rained again through the night and the winds picked up... the temperatures dropped, so low, that I turned the furnace on this morning!  Brrr... Frost Advisories are in place for tomorrow but Hallelujah, things (temps) are looking up for next week!  We want to get 'er done!
Waiting, comes as no surprise to us, since May temps in Michigan are a bit fickle and never trustworthy.  Oh, but this time of year brings us together, our hearts are one, as always...loving our Lord, loving one another and our family, enjoying our home and time spent outdoors basking in His creation...we are thankful, for all that God has given us...He is worthy to be praised.
Now, its about time to head to the soccer field for our Xavier's game...where's my Winter coat and gloves!?  Have a wonderful weekend, dear ones.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where Has The Time Gone

After getting Xavier off to school and straightening up the house, this morning...I decided to check up on my Blog friends.  I, am missing being part of your daily lives and now I know why!  I haven't written a post since August...Oh my word!
This got me to thinking...Why?  What, have I been doing, that has kept me from something that I love?  After pondering this question...I realize that it's Facebook...sigh.  I find that quite time has been spent, reading a lot of peoples murmuring and complaining and quite frankly, way too much political drivel.
I want to hear about your families...your joys and yes, even your trials and rejoice in your triumphs.  I want to feel more intimacy and depth and share Jesus and rejoice, as you share Him too.
Some of you are friends because of Blogging...friends that I cherish and I, am so thankful for the privilege of knowing you across the miles.  So, my dear friends...I will be here more often, to share my thoughts and seek out yours.