Friday, May 1, 2015

Sounds Of Silence

I realize that today starts a new month...May flowers are coming to life, the grass is a vibrant green and the trees, are either in bloom or leaves are starting to show themselves.  Spring, (my favorite season) is in full swing here in my little neck of the woods/suburbs. 

I missed, writing my April Blog prompt which is ...What in your life is calling you?  When you spend quiet time with God and all noise is silenced, what speaks to your soul?  Let me just speak honestly ...some days, I have let my busyness interfere with my quiet time with The Lord.  Oh, I read my Devotional and The Bible... BUT sitting still and quietly just listening for The  Master to speak is at times...few and far between.
This past month has been different!  When, you find yourself, unable to do even the slightest task, unable to drive and barely function because of pain...The Lord is there, He is always there...whisper Jesus...His presence soothes  not only the suffering soul but makes physical pain
bearable. I learned that God permits suffering, so that his works can be made manifest in us.  So, as I lay suffering from a compressed nerve in my lower back...this is what God showed me.  There are many that suffer from Chronic illness everyday.  Their faces passed before me and I prayed.
Deb, who struggles everyday with M.S., yet, still studies to get her degree and take care of her family...I prayed.   Hal who suffers from Diabetes and Neuropathy..I prayed.  Debby who suffers from Asthma and breathing issues...I prayed.  Elise, who is in the hospital with broken bones and suffers from horrible Arthritis...I prayed.  Miss Terry and Betty, who suffer physically and have lost dear loved ones...I prayed.  Margie, who gives of herself and travels to Haiti and loves on her muffins...I prayed.  Di, who struggles with more than one health issue...I prayed.  Connie, who has a blood disorder but is an example of not quitting...I prayed.  Donna, who has overcome things that make most of us, just quit...I prayed.  Pat, who suffers from Arthritis and has come through knee replacements and a toe joint replacement wonderfully...I prayed.  Sara, for a new career path and health issues...I prayed.  Cathy, who has suffered great loss of her beautiful Rowan and is raising an awesome special needs son...I prayed.  Cheryl, who is going through tests and needs prayer for family...I prayed.  My Mama and Brother, who live too far away for me to be there as often as I would like...I prayed.  My girls and their families...I prayed.  My faithful, caring husband who leads this family as God ordained it to be...I prayed.  For this Country that I love...I prayed. 
But mostly, I thanked God for His mercy and grace...I have learned, that there are lessons in our infirmities...sometimes God has to get our attention., so that we can hear that still small voice.  I am listening Lord...I have loved THE Sounds Of Silence.


Jada's Gigi said...

Just beautiful! He is always there..and no time...or pain is wasted in Him. Thank you for your prayers!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My prayers are with you and I hope your start to feel better soon. Thank you so much for praying for me. ((HUGS))