Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An Ordinary Day

Well, here I sit next to the fire on this cold Winter's night.  Two of our Grandboys spent the night last night.  So, I am relaxing since I  was up and at it early this morning.
Elek was the first one awake.  He sat up, looked at the clock and said..."It's 6:00, that means it's the morning."   Yawn....after about 5 minutes I crawled out of bed and Xavier soon followed, asking if I would make pancakes.
So, like a good Grammy, I whipped up a batch and served the boys breakfast, they were surely good with my coffee.
Xavier had school, so it was brush your teeth, wet down his bed head and get dressed.  His Mama came and off they went, with him complaining about how mean the new Gym Teacher is.  LOL.
Elek stayed until early afternoon, then I took him home, on my way to give a dear shut in a hair cut and run a few errands.  And you know me...a trip through Tim Hortons, for my favorite coffee was high on my list.
After getting home, I vacuumed all the while, finding Lego' s along the way.  A sure sign that my boys were here.  :)  Enjoyed my coffee, watched a bit of TV and then it was was time to get Supper ready.
Of course, after Supper I loaded the dishwasher and then, decided I had better mix up a double batch of bread dough...our bread supply is getting low.  (I haven't bought bread in weeks)  Store bought just doesn't compare to home made.
So, here I sit...mulling over my day and well, it was just about perfect.
God is good...He makes ordinary days...extraordinary!