Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Don't you just love this time of year?  Cooler temps means hauling out the hoodies, striking up a campfire and cleaning around these parts.  Oh, and I mustn't forget that Hunting Season has arrived...and I already have 3 deer dressed and packaged in the freezer, thanks to our Grandkids Ian and Emilee and Son-in-law David.  It was pretty exciting to get the call that our Eman (as we call Ian) got his first deer.
Okay, upward and onward I go...I have been doing some Fall cleaning around here.  Much of our Summer is spent in the yard or sipping iced coffee on the back porch...So, that means that I am busy, busy, busy this week.  Plus, daughter Mandy and I are giving daughter Kelly a Baby Shower on Saturday.  Our Jonas is due to arrive this month!!!  He is our 6th Grandchild...our 4th Grandson and this ol' grammy is getting right anxious to meet him.  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!
Tomer is out mowing the yard...soon the leaves will be flying and that will be another tale to tell since we have 6 large trees gracing our yard.  Tomer is a lover of trees, flowers and gardens BUT is kind of over the garden.  I knew the time had come when he yanked out all tomato, green pepper, cucumber and melon plants!  The only thing left standing was his precious Hungarian Pepper plant!  LOL.
Well, it's time for a coffee break before I go on to other chores.  I am so thankful today for God's goodnesss...In Him I move and breathe...I press on.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is a beautiful time of the year! Have fun at the baby shower, how exciting to have a new little one to love.

Pat said...

Busy, busy, busy...seems more so then in past years, doesn't it?
I too am loving this season, it's calling the soul to finish up and then rest a bit.
See you in a couple of days...can't wait!

Felisol said...

I'm so looking forwards to the arrival of baby Jonas. That'll be the day. I have followed him for so long, I feel, I have a share in him.

Good luck with the hunting season. Which my hubby went hunting. There's way to may deer around the houses. They eat daffodils and bring ticks into the garden. I have to buy my meat at the slaughter's. At least it is not foreign meat. On the contrary, It tastes wonderful.
Hugs and enjoy.

Becky said...

Fall, i love it. need to clean out my garden. or whats left of it. lol Poor pitty me, i know no hunters. bah!

Mrs. Mac said...

Absolutely a gift from the Lord .. the changing of the seasons. Now it's time to rest a bit from yard work and gardening.

Will be so excited to hear about little Jonas entering the world. What a blessing and an exciting time for your family.