Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down But Never Out

I pray that your Christmas was blessed.  Ours surely was. There was just one little glitch...No, make that two! A clogged kitchen sink and the stomach flu! The sinks pipes were clogged...But well, to put it nicely ours weren't! LOL. Thank the Lord, my floodgates weren't opened until the day after Christmas...since I was cooking and preparing for our family time here in our home.
Let's see, the kitchen sink clogged on Christmas Eve while I was preparing our traditional meal of Hungarian Gulyas.  I guess those carrot peels were just too much for our old pipes to handle.
So, I called for my Tomer who is the doer of all things handy..."Help!"   Out came the plunger and as he was blocking off one sink and running the disposal and water down the other, he yells..."It just broke free!"  Well, Hallelujah!!!  Glitch number was free all right but as I came back into the kitchen what had broken free, was now flooding the floor!  Oh, what fun it was to clean up with bizillions of pulverized carrot peels clingimg to everything!!!  I just kept telling myself "Nothing's going to steal my joy...nothing's going to steal my joy..."  And it didn't!  The floor was finally clean and sanitized along with everything else I could get my hands on and our Christmas Eve was wonderful.  Thank you Jesus.
Christmas Day was wonderful too... until early in the evening, when Tomer announced that he was sick.  Let me just say, you know it's bad if he admits it without being coerced into it!  The girls and their families had already experienced the joy of this season's flu bug and now, it was our turn.  By the next morning I was down for the count. 
Tomer was up and at it within 24 hours...Me, I'm still living on soda crackers and good ol' Vernor's ginger ale...but at least I can stand the sight and smell of food, even if I can't eat it yet.  LOL. Oh, and I have vacuumed up my mess of cracker crumbs...they were everywhere! 
So, here I am, far from Beverly Hills this snowy morning...I may be down but thank the Lord,  I am never out! 
~Blessings Y'all



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well that was some ending to 2012.
Glad your feeling better. Have a blessed New Year!

Diane said...

So sorry you all were so sick and all that 'yucky' with the pipes (of both sorts)! Glad you're feeling better. Thankful your girls and grands were able to be with you for Christmas. 2012 seems to be ending on a bit of a low note so the beginning of 2013 will surely be a grand one! I love you my sister!

Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

If you can smile at your problems, you've really beaten them.
Hope you had a great family time together in spite of evil attacks.
It takes a trooper to celebrate with the flue.
You made a down to earth version of the scripture, "Down, but never out."
Happy New Year.

Mrs. Mac said...

Praise the Lord this too shall pass. Just don't pass it ON. Feel better soon. xx C

nancygrayce said...

Nothing stole your joy! Good for you! Hope your new year is full of blessings!