Friday, November 16, 2012

The Life Of A Busy Grammy

Here it is 6 days until Thanksgiving and I haven't even bought a Turkey!  Not good... but tomorrow, it is first on a long list of to do's.  My Tomer and Son-in-law David have been Hunting...Sooo, that means that I have had Em and Xavie aka Scooter for 3 days because their Mama works the midnight shift.  I get them off to school in the mornings, do what has to be done around here and then it's pick them up, feed them, homework, get them in the shower, referee, etc., etc....this list could go on but 'nuff said.  Oh, and tonight Elek is joining us because I promised him earlier in the week that he could spend the night.  And well, you have to be a keeper of your word.
Thankfully, this is Mandy's weekend off and tomorrow morning she will pick up her babies after her shift at the Hospital and Kellerbell will pick up her baby... and I will rush through my chores and list of to do's!!!
I am looking forward to settling in for a candlelit dinner...alone...which I will not will be take out. I will bask in the glow of a clean, quiet house and watch myself several cheesey ol' Hallmark Christmas Movies that I have on the DVR.   Ahhh...ain't life grand?  Yes, it surely is!  Now, where's my coffee???  
~Blessings Y'all


Diane said...

A busy, but beautiful life! Blessings to you my sister! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sara said...

Sounds like perfection! I can't wait for that compound so we can all enjoy solitary candle lit dinners as next door neighbors!

Pat said...

You will be ready for that candle and carryout when you get done shopping!
Such a good grammy and mom you are, I'm sure your at the top of the "thankful" list for your sweet family!
Love you Sissy!

Margie said...