Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blow Ye Wind, O Blow

The leaves are falling off the trees
A change is signaled in the breeze
Blow ye wind, O blow.
The days are shorter with the light
And sooner arrives the dark of night
Blow ye wind, O blow.
And I am feeling more my age
The floor is creaking on my stage
Slow ye wind, blow slow.

Poem by Pastor Steve Pederson  9-17-10 


Mrs. Mac said...

Oh Trish .. I love the look of your new blog. The poem is very fitting too. Have a blessed week.


Jada's Gigi said...

Yes the blog is lovely! The poem is very nice as well...Tis the season for winds and shorter days...

Diane said...

Love your new 'place' and the poem but more than that....I love you! I always dread the shorter days and longer nights. As that old song says......nights are forever without you.....miss Terry so much more during the hours of the long night. Love ya sweet lady!