Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blow Ye Wind, O Blow

The leaves are falling off the trees
A change is signaled in the breeze
Blow ye wind, O blow.
The days are shorter with the light
And sooner arrives the dark of night
Blow ye wind, O blow.
And I am feeling more my age
The floor is creaking on my stage
Slow ye wind, blow slow.

Poem by Pastor Steve Pederson  9-17-10 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not too Smart

Well, I did it...I got myself an IPhone aka a Smart Phone! Nothing like a new gadget to make an ol' gal feel dumb...sheesh.  Last night, while trying to load my music from ITunes I worked myself into such a tizzy, that I could not sleep...sigh.  Thank the Lord, for daughters that are able to talk me through things or just take over and do it for me or I might just pitch a hissy fit.  I know, I know...everyone thinks that I am a calm and patient person...but this little gadget has convinced me otherwise!  After 9 days I am still learning and just a bit overwhelmed.  Mandy says "Mama just think of it as a mini computer,"  Okay.  But do you know what I love, but find kind of's the check in feature???   It can locate you with the push of a button!  Reminds me of the "Twilight Zone."  Remember that old show?   Doo...Doo...Dooo...Doo.   Creepy...Now, I am living in the future...but I am so not ready for it.