Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking Ahead

As Summer comes to an end...I find that I am looking ahead.  Looking forward to cool, crisp days, the colors of Fall and slowing down just a bit.
Days when Tomer will once again climb aboard his Bus and set out on his daily route.  The Grandbabies are back in School... Well, all except Elek, who will start his Pre-School adventure on Monday.  Oh boy,  is he going to give his teacher a run for her money!  Yep, he is too big for his britches!  Lol.
I have been busy unpacking and doing laundry after spending a few days in Tennessee. Leaving as always, was bittersweet.  But this time it was doubly so since my Mama fell and broke her arm so badly that she had to have Surgery.  And now has her right arm in a sling for 6 weeks, which makes it hard for her to do most anything.   But thank the good Lord, she is otherwise in pretty good health... so I am surely not complaining.
While there my sister Barbie had a Fish Fry to celebrate Mama's 79th Birthday.  Oh, how we Southerners love a  good Fish Fry!  Although, if honest, I do not enjoy the eating of  Fish...but my Brother-in-law Cape's Fried Crappie (pronounced Croppie) was sooo good and of course, we had the usual fixin's of Cole Slaw, Fries and Hush Puppies. My whole life long I have been  a lover of Hush Puppies... I could feast on those little orbs of deliciousness and forget the rest of the meal.  Mmmmmm....
As sad as it was to leave Mama and Bobby. It's good to be home and as the seasons change.... so do the days of our lives and I am looking ahead.
~Blessings Y'all


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sure it was hard to leave you dear mom after such a fall. Your description of snuggling in for the change of seasons in very inviting :)

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
So sad to hear about your Mama. Be sure she gets lots and lots of calcium to strengthen her bones. They are getting more fragile each year. We tend to think we are the same all life, but it's not so. Vitamin D and calcium, please.
I'm glad you like fish courses. So do I. Tasty and healthy.
Summer in too short in my opinion, time flies and so does life.
Wishes you and yours all good for the coming fall season.
I have said a prayer for your Mama while reading. She must learn hurry slow.

Jada's Gigi said...

so glad to hear your Momma is doing well,,,mine also fell and broke her arm and is recovering....yes, the hush puppies are the best part of that Fish Fry...:) I too am looking forward to Fall...enjoy your changing of seasons....

Margie said...