Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mandy

Today my baby turns 34 years old!   After years of thinking we would never have children the Lord blessed us with 2 wonderful daughters, Kellerbell & Mandy.  If, you don't believe in miracles just take a look at this photo of Amanda Elizabeth...she is living proof.  God is amazing!   Our words define us...speak life.   So, today I choose words of thanks to my wonderful Lord and Saviour.   He turned water into wine, healed the blind, raised the dead and gave me 2 precious daughters.  I stand in awe of the things that he has done in our lives.  Thank you Lord for Mandy...I am a blessed Mama.


Felisol said...

Congratulations to beautiful Amanda Elisabeth. I am a realist, so therefor I firmly believe in miracles. Thanks for sharing and adding more proof to my faith.

Sandy said...

Mandy is just beautiful! I wish her the happiest of birthdays! I also love what Felisol said, "I am a realist, so therefore I firmly believe in miracles." Wonderful! And me, too!
Now, please tell me about how you choose the name for your other daughter. So interesting.
Love you,

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy birthday Amanda. You are part of a wonderful family.

Trish said... other daughter's name is Kelly Joyce. Kellerbell is her nickname. Lol.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful daughter! May she have many more happy birthdays to come!!