Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football

Oh brother, here it is Sunday night and I am holed up in the playroom.  Football is back...Ugh!  A lot of wonderful things come with the Fall..but Football is surely not one of them.  Maybe, it's because my Mama was a Sports enthusiast and watched whatever was on...whether it be Baseball, Football, Hockey or Golf.  Good grief, she even watched Curling (we got a Canadian Channel because Windsor is just across the River)...which I found odd as a child...since they carried brooms and swept the ice to make this flat Bowling Ball looking thing move towards the finish line.  Oh, and I cannot forget Basketball!  Mama was the Captain of the Waverly High School girls team...she even had her nose broken when a gal whacked her in the face (on purpose) with the Ball!
I am so not like my Mama...there is not an Athletic bone in this ol' gals body!!!  And if I think there's the slightest chance of getting hurt...well,  just forget about it...I am a chicken.  Not my Mama she was one spunky lady.  I know for sure and for certain that she is sitting in her living room (not holed up like her oldest baby) rooting for Peyton Manning as he leads the Denver Bronco's tonight...Ya' know he played for University of Tennessee in College?  So, I will give a great big Rah...Rah...for Peyton, but I am not leaving this room.  Well, at least not until Tomer goes to bed.  To all of you Football fans out there I say "enjoy the fan fare and celebrations"...Me, I'll be ready for some Football to end!   Lol.
~Blessings Y'all


Jada's Gigi said...

You are too funny, girl! as you say..there is a lot to enjoy about the Fall without all the noise of football...I know you'll find something else to do!