Thursday, March 1, 2012

Those Were The Days

Have you noticed that mailboxes like this one have all but disappeared? Growing up, they were all over the place in our city! Yesterday while running errands, I had something to drop in the mail and I passed not one of these blue boxes on the path that I had taken. Oh, I did get it in the mail, but I had to drive to the Post Office and drop it in their drive-thru box...sigh.
I know this is probably money saving for the USPS and it surely guarantees less stops for our Mail Carriers, but it makes me sad. The world as I new changing. With the art of Letter writing almost unheard of and the paying of Bills and doing our Banking On-line, something's got to, goodbye old friend. I will add you to my list of "Those were the days." And I will sorely miss them!


Keetha Broyles said...

You are so right - - - they are going the way of the dinosaur!

We still have some right next to the post office, and there are one or two more in town - - - but that is all.


Sandy said...

I'm not sure I could find one of those anywhere close by if I needed one. And, yes, it is kind of sad. I guess I am just not a person who likes change. I want everything to stay as it was when I was young. One change I am glad about though is the way Jesus has made me a new person!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It goes along with all the changes that will be happening soon. They are closing distribution centers all across the country along with a lot of Post Office locations. This will slow our mail down so we have to prepare to mail things with a longer time frame to get to it's location on time. I love mailing cards, this all saddens me.

Pat said...

I'm with ya sister! There used to be mailboxes all over the subdivisions, now they are only in front of commercial business, and those are few and far between. There's one on the corner by the 7-11 I always use. Isn't there one in front of Sax anymore?

nancygrayce said...

I feel the same way! I'm sad because I love getting mail (well, not bills) but I love going to the mailbox and having a card or letter. Things, they are a changing!

Felisol said...

I'm familiar with the problem, even if our mail boxes are red. I think earlier the postal system was reckoned to be among the public services, while today it's just another way of making more money.
That is, to make to consumer pay more and get less back.
We don't want that, do we?

Margie said...

I used to love walking with my gram to the mailbox, it was right next to the park... so I always knew that if she said we were taking a walk to the mailbox it meant a quick swing on the swings or a little monkey'ing on the monkey bars :)

Mrs. Mac said...

I can think of only one blue mailbox in our area apart from the drive up ones at the post office. Things have changes .. that's for sure. I think Saturday delivery is next on the chopping block.

Vicki said...

So true! And sad! Seems the changes inflicted on us these last few years have come quicker and harder (maybe it's my age showing?) Hello, friend - just stopping by to deliver a cyber HUG!


(I can't leave my Wordpress blog URL so I'll just sign out with Google). But my blog is here now:

donna said...

Maybe if we all started writing letters, they would pop up again. I love getting cards and letters in the mail.

Jada's Gigi said...

My mom is a devoted letter writer...and it is fun to get Real mail...NOT bills and junk! :)