Friday, February 3, 2012

Road Trip

My Tomer and I are heading out for a little overnight adventure in the city of Coldwater, Michigan. "The only place that you can take hot bath in Coldwater"...I know, it's silly, but our Grandbabies love it when Papa tells them this when passing through on one of their many Hunting Expeditions.
These buildings are still found downtown and we love this area. It is a lovely town but a lot larger now...Hey, that's progress. We love Road Trips!
Catch y'all later!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Have a wonderful getaway!

Sandy said...

Looks like a quaint spot for sure. Have fun and come back refreshed.

Felisol said...

I wondered why the picture looked so quiet and laid back, even with all the cars. Then I double clicked and saw they were cars way back from my youth.
I love the broad street and the low, old brick buildings.
But I guess I shall never know how it feels to take hot baths in Coldwater. oh, it's written with a capital C Coldwater. I am so slow this morning. Your grandchildren would have been disappointed.

Mrs. Mac said...

This looks like a sweet place to visit. I hope you both had a wonderful time and have come back refreshed.