Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wisdom & Joy

I want to live here...I love this house!

Greetings...I pray all is well in your neck of the woods. Here in the Andrews house, we or should I say I, have been decorating. What I used to do all in one day ,now takes me days to complete. Guess I am slowing down in my old age. Or is it, that I may be a little wiser? Hmmm...I will have to ponder that a while.
Okay I have the answer! With age comes a wee bit of wisdom. I, do not have to work myself into tizzy...which I am really good at! Nope, I just have to complete the task at hand, then move on. And if I do not finish? Well, tomorrow is another day!
I'll let you in on a secret, it took me nigh on a week to get this house glowing, but that's okay with me.
I am finally learning to slow down...let go...and let God. Yep, Jesus is the reason for the Season and I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Joy to the World the Lord is Come!


Felisol said...

Joy to the world.
Are you really living in this winter wonderland fairytale house?
I can easily understand it takes you quite sometime to glow and then decorate.

My Gunnar said this is the first year you have not used all day and all night the day before Advent decorating, and lying exhausted the next three days. Wisdom comes with grey hairs and less guts.
I gave away half of my accumulated decoration this year to a family with children. They for sure needed it more than I do.
I even bought home baked cookies from another local housewife. She needed the money, I needed spare time.
We're have a splendid Advent time anyway.
Doing all the things we other times never had time for.
Getting older is not so bad at all.

Sandy said...

Amen! Christmas is all about Jesus and we don't need to do anything except enjoy it.
I love the house in the picture too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish! Is that your house? If it is....it's wonderful!! Beautiful!! My dream house! I love the area..the trees ...so beautiful. And your post hit on something that I have been struggling with lately. Trying to get everything done and being plum worn out. I feel a blog post coming on....

Pat said...

i LOVE that house! We can take joy even in just wishing it was our home, but like you, I'd sure like to live there!
Slow and steady wins the race. Or in my case, I had to turn it over to Sara to decorate. Freedom to do what is necessary is such a wonderful God thing. Whether it's giving it to someone else or just slowing down. I'm sure your house is glowing and beautiful, just like you!
love you sissy!

Crown of Beauty said...

hello trish, I will be back home two days from now. Only then will I be able to put up our tree. I look forward to hanging the two decors from you that arrived a bit late for last year's tree. Because of your kind gesture, our tree will look special this year. I always try to add one or two new decors every year.

Love the Christmas look on your blog. And your post is so right on. Wisdom comes with age... which means, wisdom slows us down! Enjoying the moment, savoring each minute... this is how I love to live life! "Be truly present whatever it is you find yourself doing" is a wise teaching I got from my Swiss retreat director when I attended a month long retreat on solitude, contemplation, and listening prayer up in the beautiful Swiss Alps many years ago. That is why I can never be good at multi tasking...

I am sure your home looks lovely.

And your new profile pic with Tomer is beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Trish. I always am delighted when you do.

Enjoy the Advent season!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree with you. I am not stressing but doing what I can each day. It is taking me a lot longer but I know that on December 25th our tree will be done, the gifts will be wrapped & ready and the baking will be done. I first must get cards in the mail and out of town gifts mailed. All in good time. Merry Christmas.

Margie said...

AMEN! i have my list of things that need to be done... and they will, in time!

What a great reminder!