Thursday, December 29, 2011


This photo represents how I am feeling this morning.

Morning has spoken....Fighting, bickering and tattling have broken the peace and silence of our home. Em and Xavie have been fed, corrected and yes, even fussed at. Gasp! Sibling rivalry is alive and well and this ol' grammy's patience is wearing thin. Lol.
I need to do some scrubbing. But with them enjoying their Christmas gifts, (in between battling) it would be a waste of time. They are spread out all over the place! So, instead I will pour myself another cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of their laughter and yes, even their wrath.
I will sign off with the words of our Lou to her brother..."Well, at least I went to Church and praised the Lord last night and you just went home to play the Wii."
Here come the judgment...Lol.


Pat said...

I love it! That Em is a corker and Xavie is an equal corker!
Just sit back with your coffee and let it roll, if you blink your eyes, they will be grown and these times are precious, even with the bickering.
love you sissy!

Sandy said...

I adore everything about kids, even their squabbles! Yours sound delightful. Reminds me of the time when my Seth was little and he was out playing with our neighbor's grandsons. He turned to one of them and said, "I'm going to church tomorrow and if you don't start going you're going to hell!" Not exactly the most loving way to win souls! I'm surprised our neighbors ever spoke to us after that.
Kids will be kids, so just enjoy every single minute.
And stop calling yourself old cause I'm a year older than you, I think, and I am certainly Not Old! LOL

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh that is too funny!
Happy New Year

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh Pat is right... enjoy your coffee and hold your peace! When my grands (small as they are, at 1 and 3) bicker, I go in to my room and shut out the noise. After a while there is peace and quiet again (especially when they are napping!)

Sure dear Trish, you may quote Butch (or other things you like from my blog) on your blog.

New Year blessings to you!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, the joy of children....our grands weren't here this Christmas so they're perfect! :)

Margie said...


Mrs. Mac said...

From one day care grammy to another .. don't your ears just hurt somedays?? ;)