Monday, September 26, 2011

Visions Of Baseball And Home

Another night of Baseball...sigh. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that the Tigers are doing so well and are heading to the World Series games this year. Rah!
But...this ol' grammy can only watch so much and I'm done!!!
Tomer is currently, in the living room, happily flipping from the Tiger game to Hunting shows...Ugh. I am in the play room trying to drown out the sounds of SPORTS on T.V.! Don't want to watch nor hear any of it at the moment. So, here I sit on the Computer.
Okay, I've had enough of my whining. Lol.
Up until now, I have had a really good day... Got my house all Falled up and am enjoying the little pops of color, along with a new scented Candle...Maple Sugar. good. I, still want to get out and pick up, some Corn Stalks and Mums for the Yard. And change my Flag on the front Porch, then my decorating will be complete. That is...Til Christmas. Ooh, it's my most favorite time to decorate. Now, I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. So, I will bid you good night...I'm going to go dig out my Christmas Magazines, from last year and dream a while. God is good!
P.S.He is now watching "Orange County Choppers!"


Mrs. Mac said...

I hear you about the sports (LOL). Enjoy your decorations .. how about coming over to help me?? ;) put up my autumn stuff.

Margie said...

I love your posts, I lvoe how you always find the good and joy! Jesus lives in you for sure!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh no! I don't want those visions in my head yet....

Sandy said...

It's always Sports Central
here. I hate sports myself.
In fact I hate TV. I'd rather
be doing something creative
instead of sitting in front
of a TV.
Love & Prayers,

Felisol said...

Seems to me you are having a good time. Why not use ear plugs and some favourite music from your iPod to deafen the joy of sports whining.
Some times I'm disappointed in me over not listening to all the good music I've got stored.I miss lots of blessings that way.

Family life is so peaceful this time of the year. Nothing much that ought to be done, just the things one wants to do.
Like finding autumn decorations. Great

Anonymous said...

Your hubby and mine could probably have a great time just sitting together and watching ball games...when I get in the car I have to listen to the game on the radio-in Japanese! lol..I use my ipod and earplugs! I built myself a little cafe in our Japanese sun porch area. It's my retreat room! No sports allowed! I like sports but it just gets to be too much! I filled my little cafe room with everything that I love. My tea sets are in there, my favorite little doodles. I also decorated for fall!!!!