Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding Joy

For the past two days, I have enjoyed being the happy little homemaker. I have been blessed, to be a stay at home Mama and Grammy who loves keeping house and caring for her family.
These days, I find myself alone. Yes, the grandbabies are now in school all day...except for Elek. (who is blessed to have a stay at home Mama)
So, I have gone from room to room dusting everything in sight. Laundry, is happily swirling downstairs and even some windows have been cleaned. My list could go on and on...and oh, what JOY I find in this. Yes, this ol' grammy is entering another phase of life, though bittersweet...I will embrace this time.
I will attend more Beth Moore Simulcasts, search the Word and serve God with all that is in me. For in Him, I find Joy unspeakable...life is good.


Sandy said...

Godliness with contentment is great
gain and it sounds as if you are very
content with your life. And that's a
good thing! Enjoy this time as you
have the time now to grow even closer
to our Lord. And it's almost autumn--
what could be better than that?!

Anonymous said...

OH...SISTER! Can I ever relate to what you are saying....sure..I have a few students that I'm teaching English to here (in a home-made classroom in my house) but I too am going thru changes...Yes, I agree with Sandy-enjoy this time. I'm learning to do the same...by the way I love the new blog look-so "fall". hugs from Japan...

Mrs. Mac said...

Are you not regularly providing 'granny day care' any longer? I can see you in my mind with a feather duster working to your heart's content :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a big change for you.
Have you checked out Pinterest, that will keep you busy when your down.